Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2. Resources

If we accept that the purpose of the universe is to support intelligent, concious beings who will involved into gods, then anything that detracts from that path, that future, is a waste. Therefore, we should put all of our resources into this enterprise. With the exception of rest and recreation, the trillions of dollars spent on wars and other useless activities should be stopped; these resources should be diverted into science and medical research. First, to prevent disease and suffering (including the disease of age); next, to promote means for rapid education, including brain/machine interfaces; and finally, to support the unifcation of all minds that is the final step in human evolution. Every war, every murder, every selfish and greedy act is only delaying the progress of the inevitable.

Another factor is consider about the future is that nations do not control the future; the future controls us. The United States progressed because the people welcomed new technologies; now they resist them. Sadly, a country that rejects the future will not benefit from its gifts.


dora said...

The original posting is thoughtful and very well written. Good work.

Anthony said...

Your logic has a hole. Once we acheive this super-conciousness, what then? Does the world end? If our purpose is to build this super being, then once the goal is completed isn't our planet obselete? If so, what is this conciousness used for? Without problems to solve wisdom and knoledge is pointless. It is our flaws that gives us a purpose. Without those, we are pointless.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I came across it by accident, yet it sparked a certain thought within me. Human evolution as a species is portrayed in a human's personal evolution.

Just as one cell holds all the DNA needed for every cell in the body, so too does each human represent a reflection of the human race.

Do not worry. Just as we become immune to viruses and infections because our bodies are designed to *learn* from them and create resistances, so too does humankind as a whole learn from its mistakes.

Once we have been through pain and negative energy, we can see that we no longer need "bad" things in the world. However, it is because we have survived the negative experiences in the first place that we have evolved to our current "seeking-good" conclusions.

Actually, I believe "negative" experiences teach us, EVOLVE us much more than positive ones.

As long as we learn from the evil around us, we can overcome it in the end. Since evil things teach us how to become more loving, they are not in themselves "evil".

Everything that is, just is.

Anonymous said...

Read Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. It's very well written, logical and thought provoking. And his "theories" are better than your's.

Source of Information said...

I can't say I am convinced by your argument, since you offered no reason for saying that CS Lewis is "better than" my theory. I believe that CS Lewis bases his beliefs on Christian dogma, which has no scientific basis that I am aware of, and which relies on supernatural phenomenon to explain its most significant events - eg, the conception of Jesus without a human father, various miracles, and the resurrection of a dead man. There is nothing I have seen or have heard of that suggests that such phenomena are possible within the laws of physics and biology that we observe everyday. I do not like to attack any one's beliefs, but the "theory" that forms the basis of Christian dogma is not convincing to me. I realize this puts me at odds with 2 billion people but that doesn't alter the facts.

COPioneer said...

If you only believe in matter, then you can't believe in God.

Do you have a mind? Do your friends have minds? Can you see those minds or prove those minds scientifically?
Has science shown "beyond a shadow of a doubt" that evolution is true? Not even close, the holes are HUGE. The science of an intelligent creator takes less of a leap of faith than just believing that we are on this planet by a speck of a chance. And this planet happens to be exactly a perfect distance from the Sun, tilted on it's axis, spinning at a perfect rate, with a moon to light the night. It also happens to have the perfect abundance of life, plant and animal to sustain us. There is the problem of pain, and yes, I'd suggest you read CS Lewis on that, because you'd better be right if you choose to ignore God.

Source of Information said...

copioneer: Like many people who post on this site, you have not grasped my thesis and offer nothing as a rebuttal except more dogma. I never said I only believed in matter - whatever that means - only that I believe in logic and a rational world.

As for the concept of mind, what is your point? Actually, I do have a consciousness; in additional, I have a self-consciousness, where my examine my own consciousness. If you were self-conscious, you would realize that religious beliefs are manifestations of your own wishes, projections of your own subconscious mind, a mind filled with primitive structures and pathways left over from our evolutionary past (which are not longer meaningful).

Plus, if you had bothered to read my ideas, you would not lecture me about an intelligent creator; except your belief system does not offer an intelligent creator, but a creator who acts in irrational ways with no purpose.

I find your belief system to be an insult to whomever created the universe; to suggest that the absurd fairy tales that form the core of your belief system have any relation to reality is depraved, and a hindrence to the progression of humankind.

Anonymous said...

I came across your post by accident. I was looking for info about dark matter and strange phenomenons in the universe when I stumbled upon what you wrote.

I am not a religious person, or never have been, though I am surrounded by many who, unlike me, rely their existence on God. My thoughts are driven by facts, scientific facts and proofs. I hardly see how our universe (and I believe there is an infinite number of them), with all it's galaxies and billions of planets and organisms (for sure we agree we can't be the only beings to inherit self awareness from Mother Nature), was created for us to gain knowledge and prosper.

On the contrary. I find it unlikely that we were intended to be created. My opinion is that th creation of the universe is like an immense puzzle, an astonishing game of pure coincidences in which the results that best fitted the immediate situation, survived, only to give birth to new ones.

I think that we are such a slim part of all this divine creation, we are not even counted on the pages of history. We are a fraction of a second compared to all this greatness. Our universe exists just because It had the opportunity to do so. To be.

Nevertheless, I took great pleasure in Reading what you wrote, looking at it from a philosophic point of view, rather than a scientific one. It made me think and reconsider the questions of our existence as a specie, of our planet, of our rule in the universe, if there is any. And for this I have to thank you. Because unlike my theories about the universe, that reduce us to much less that a grain of dust and take away any responsibility from our actions, your ideas gave me the feeling that we can still do something about ourselves, and that maybe we do matter a little bit after all.

dd said...

"and finally, to support the unifcation of all minds that is the final step in human evolution."

Is this the new dogma? What if I dont want to be unified? Will I be forced to?