Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Is the Meaning of Life? Maybe That's the Wrong Question

Maybe we are asking the wrong question. We look at the world through our primitive brains, and say, Life either has a meaning, or it doesn't. This or that. If it has a meaning, then we think it has something to do with some Creator or God or this or that, which has created a specific place - as if the complex forces that control our universe (and beyond) are no more complex than a child building a sand castle.
But what if there is no real answer - because the question is flawed? Maybe the God or Gods that created the universe no longer exist - or they never existed - or they don't exist yet, but they will exist tomorrow. What if our petty laws of cause and effect, purpose and design, are absurdly and infinitely short-sighted compared to the incredible, absurd, constantly shifting, and virtually nonsensical nature of existence? Maybe only the insane can see the world for what it is, a turbulent, ever-changing miasma of forces, beings, and, today it has meaning, tomorrow - or seeing reality drives you insane. Who knows? We are bound by the rules of our little reality, but the rest of....everything? Not necessarily.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Meaning of Life?

While this blog offers a very simple explanation for the meaning of life - based on current science - there are many who experience states of consciousness in which they feel that they have contacted other beings. While it goes against my Western, scientific, evidenced-based view of reality to suggest that such subjective experiences may be valid, I can't help thinking it is at least worth exploring.

Do these non-ordinary states of mind mean anything, or are they just the result of errors of the brain? Is it lack of oxygen or something else that enables people to experience a sense that they are contacting higher beings - angels, demons, gods, whatever? It is impossible to tell, but it seems worth finding out, especially in view of the lack of any answers to our existence.

My feeling is that it is certainly possible that there are other beings - in other dimensions and such - that exist, and that the human brain may be capable to contacting them. Or maybe not. But if 1) such beings exist, and 2) the brain, under special circumstances (meditation, drugs, illness, etc) can somehow tune into these other beings, then they could be a source of some data to answer the question that has brought nearly 100,000 people to this site - Why Do I exist?

The only problem with this visions, visitations, hallucinations, etc - is that so many of them don't agree. Christians see visions of Jesus or Mary; Buddhists see Buddha; tribes in the Amazon jungle see leopard and snake gods; etc. So - who knows what they are seeing, if anything? It could be a projection of their own unconscious (like dreams, as Freud would say); a collective unconscious (as Jung would say), or all gods could exist, or maybe people create their own gods...

I don't know. It's possible if such other beings (from parallel universes, the future, all possible futures, other dimensions, or an infinite number of possibilities) exist, and we can somehow tune into them and communicate with them - perhaps we can't understand them. Or they could lie to us. Or they don't know any more than we do.

Clearly, the universe, reality, and existence are very complicated, and perhaps a lot more vague, undefined, random, holographic, and insane than we know or can even comprehend with our small brains. Is there a giant war going on, and we play a part in it? Are we a left over experiment, or a hologram, or a computer simulation? I have no idea. Neither do you. It's all theory with a profound lack of data. Even the data we have is suspect.

Can we have a time out? All I can suggest is that we stop all the stupid wars, power grabs, pleasure and money obsessions, etc and just spend the next 100 years studying this question and finding out what is going on and why we exist.

But of course, we won't.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fascinating Article on Fermi's Paradox - Where Is Everyone?

Great article here about the Fermi Paradox. Fascinating question: given the huge numbers of stars - 7 Septillion, in incomprehensible number - where are all the other civilizations?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

No One Knows Why We Exist

If there is one indisputable fact, it is that no one on this planet knows why we exist, or even if there is any reason why we exist. Despite centuries of reflection and 7 billion people alive today, the most fundamental fact of life is that no one can say why you, me, people, life, the earth, or the universe exist at all.

There are various theories - called religions - that billions of people accept without question. But for those who do question their existence, the fact is there are no solid answers.

So, the first question we need to ask is why does anything exist? Then, why do we exist, as we do? Anyone who can't answer these questions cannot tell you what you should do with your life, as these are the basis for all other decisions.

While I admit that I don't know the answer to these primary questions, I will say that I have some theories. They are just that - theories. I don't claim that I know what God wants, or that God has spoken to me. I don't know if God exists, or if he, she, it, or they speaks. I merely offer a theory for the big picture. You cannot prove or disprove it, but it offers a theory that can be tested. At some point in human knowledge, we will be able to test this theory.

My theory - as discussed on this blog - is quite simple. The known universe is a limited place of time and space, a patch of existence that follows certain rules. Outside of this patch is an unknown existence. But in our universe, time, energy, and other parameters exist within fairly constant and well-defined limits.

My suggestion is that this is purposeful. Time goes in one direction because that is how it was "set up". In my view, the universe was created, and the arbitrary aspects of time and space show us something about its purpose (assuming there is one).

What purpose could a universe serve? Or, why would some being create a universe and time, if something did in fact create it? Why create a universe and not something else, if one could presumably do such a thing?

My theory - which I go into in more detail on this blog - is that some being created this universe as a place for beings to evolve. Specifically, for the evolution of intelligent, conscious beings - such as ourselves. That would suggest that we, as the most evolved species on our planet, have been given a job by our creator(s). Part of that job is evolving further through various genetic and electronic techniques. Once we evolve to the next level, we will hopefully be more aware of the entire process and focused on evolving to the ultimate point, which is probably the goal of this whole set-up.

In other words, our job is to evolve. We have been created to evolve - from single cell organism to higher organism to mammal to ape to tool user to conscious being to computer and Internet designer to whatever comes next. As we evolve, we learn more about the universe, ourselves, and the ultimate potential/goal of our race.

If this theory is true, then sadly we are wasting A LOT (nearly all) of time in non-evolutionary efforts. Wars, oppression, sports, collecting wealth, etc. are all wastes of time, energy, and talent. What we should be doing - if my theory is correct - is spending our efforts on learning, acquiring knowledge, and advancing as a species. While we are advancing (technologically, culturally), it is very slow, compared to what we could be doing. Does that matter? I can't prove that it does, but that is my opinion.

Well, that is my theory. It is plausible but impossible to prove, and I see nothing that disproves it. If true, then you and 99.99% of humanity is on the wrong track. If true, we will get there eventually, as mankind stumbles forward, but sadly so much suffering and wasted time will have happened. If correct, then we could move faster and reduce human suffering by evolving quickly and smartly. But we'll find out, eventually.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I Don't Want to Die - Why Is that so Freakin' Complicated?

It's very simple - I don't want to die, and I don't want people I care about to die, but because of the 7 billion morons on Earth - including you - we are all going to die. For no reason.

It's pretty simple - all we would have to do is divert a small percentage of world resources, efforts, money etc. into aging research. Then, solve the problem of aging, and then provide the treatment. Simple - they fix a few genes, we don't age.

They will figure this out fairly soon, but you and I will probably be dead by then - perhaps the last generation to age and die!

Instead of addressing this issue, you go about your incredibly stupid life, worrying about some pointless garbage. You probably care more about your sports team or your car or your whatever. And then you die, and your family dies - when they could have lived. Nice going, morons!

Six billion people, and no one has figured out the simple truth - we don't have to die?

And our government leaders, and religious leaders - where are they? They are just empty suits. They are killing us with their stupidity, greed, etc. And we say nothing. Like sheep to slaughter (except sheep don't imagine that they have any intelligence, as you foolishly do, you freaking moron.)

Am I being "harsh"? No. You and your actions are killing me and people I care about. In fact, I am being too passive.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Is Everyone So Incredibly Stupid?

I try not to rant too much on this blog, but I am reaching a point of great frustration at the remarkable stupidity of humanity.

We have a wonderful - and simple - opportunity to make the world a better place. We can cure all diseases, live forever, and have lives of simple comfort and ease - but we don't, because of the incredible mass stupidity of the human race!

We take our enormous energy and resources, and pour it down the drain. Where are our leaders? Hello?

The work we need to do is simple. Just support knowledge and stop killing/exploiting each other. That's it. Just use our energy and resources to increase knowledge of clean energy, computers, medicine, nutrition, efficient housing and transportation, etc, so we can live better, and just get along and treat people fairly, so we can share knowledge and progress smoothly.

But no! People can't even drive on the highway without thinking only of themselves. It constantly amazes me to see traffic on the highways; traffic that can be avoided by some simply steps, such as letting other drivers onto ramps. This is an analogy for how mindless, selfish behavior hurts everyone - including the selfish person who is trying to cut the others off!

Can't people see that simply getting along and not being completely greedy means that things move smoothly and everyone reaches their destination? What is true for people driving on the freeway is also true for people and nations.

I don't suggest some sort of world government but let's at least start with a goal - the goal of human progress. Unfortunately, I find it hard to find ONE person who agrees with this ideal. Despite our occasional technological leaps forward, the vast majority of humans have no clue that they are involved in an amazing enterprise - evolution - which is now moving them forward into the future. We need to embrace our destiny - to evolve - and cast aside the useless concepts of the past.

Well, I am just a lone voice in the wilderness, howling for human evolution and progress, so that we can avoid the pointless suffering, pain, and death that is the punishment for failing to get the point. My contention is that God has given us two choices: be smart and evolve, or stay dumb and suffer -- until we get the point. God (whatever he, she, it, or they is - I have no idea, and neither do you) is patient.

So far, it seems that 99.99% of humanity doesn't get the point. So, we will continue to suffer wars, genocide, murder, disease, death, and remarkably levels of UNNECESSARY suffering until we make some simple changes.

And our roadways will continue to be clogged by pointless traffic. Sad but true.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our "Leaders" Are Idiots

I read what our "greatest minds" constantly debate, but find none that grasp the obvious truth - all the nonsense they discuss endlessly has nothing to do with why we are here and what we need to do - human evolution. They are wasting their time and our resources on pointless efforts.

In the United States, very bright people spend their lives amassing power and fortunes, but, like Steve Jobs, never perceive the wasted opportunities to save their own lives.

I read that, soon before he died from cancer, Steve Jobs spent $197 million building a fancy, high-tech ship. Cool. But WHAT IF Jobs - the big GENIUS - had used the $197 million he spent on his yacht to fund cancer research? Maybe he would be alive now, instead of being a dead man with a big ship. Some genius.

Our "leaders" fight endlessly and vigorously for this and that cause, while the sands continue to fall through the hour glass, and they are that much closer to death - a death they could postpone - or avoid - if they put their considerable energies into medical and technological research.

What is needed is a new system - one based on human progress. Sadly, no such system exists, and the interests of the rich and powerful work against such a system. But with time, they will be dead and human progress will continue, with or without them.

I just don't understand why they pick aging and death over long-term survival. Who cares about the fancy house and fancy car, when you could put your energy into not dying? I mean, how many fancy steaks can you eat?

So, while most people are just stupid monkeys, the rich and powerful are just stupid monkeys with money and power, which they flush down the toilet of their lives. Thanks a lot, morons.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Does God Want?

There are billions of people on Earth who want to follow God's will...Many would gladly give up their lives for their God. But do even a handful of them ask how we can logically and rationally determine what God wants? No. 99.999% of these people - presumably with the best intentions - will commit themselves to following a second-hand God, a Supreme Being that someone else told them about.

This leads down the wrong path, and is responsible for much of the unnecessary suffering in this world.

The more rational approach - and more respectful to God - is to assume that God is a rational being, and to use our limited reason to try to understand His/Her/Its/Their plan. To do otherwise is to insult the intelligence of God. Yet, that is what most people do, by believing in illogical religious dogmas that lack any proof.

It seems to me - and it is the thesis of this blog - that the job of humankind is to find out what God wants, but through the exercise of logic and the pursuit of science and knowledge. I can't conceive of (and refuse to accept) a God that would want human beings to continue to follow an irrational set of beliefs. Yet, billions of people do this every day.

If we could speak to God - and I believe there are good reasons why we can't - then I'm sure He would tell us that most religions today are often misused to merely keep people in power, people who do not deserve to be in power. Power is to be used for human progress and evolution, which I believe are the tasks that God has put before us. It seems incredibly obvious to me but then I could be wrong, and believing something is not the same thing as proving something.

In any case, all I would ask of my readers is that they consider this thesis and do what they can to contribute to human evolution. Even little steps can help.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


At some point, you may ask "Why do I exist? Why does this universe exist? Why does ANYTHING exist?"

No religion answers this basic question in a logical fashion, or even states that the starting point for a discussion of the meaning of life should be based on observable phenomenon - facts. If we assume that we live in a rational, purposeful universe (and there is no evidence against this), then a rational being must ask what the purpose of the universe is. The only answer that I choose to accept is one that is in harmony with our current knowledge of science and the principles of the universe.

It seems to me that the answer to life's purpose is quite simple. It is my interpretation of the facts I am aware of that the universe was created for a specific purpose - to sustain intelligence - specifically, consciousness and self-awareness. I cannot imagine any reason for the universe to exist solely for the existence of non-living things - stars or rocks or minerals, or for non-sentient life - plants or fungus or clams. If someone created the universe, it took a remarkable amount of energy and intentional design. The only reasonable purpose I can suggest for creating a universe and, for that matter, for establishing space and time is to create a place for something to happen - for intelligent, conscious beings to evolve. Not that the universe was created specifically for humans, but that it was created as an environment for some sort of self-aware, conscious beings to develop. It just happened to be us, through the open-ended process of evolution. It could have been a difference species.

If true, then what is the purpose of having a universe that contains conscious beings? Many religions address this, but they rely on supernatural or irrational reasoning -- that we (humans) exist to receive God's love, or because of reincarnation, heaven, hell, spiritual preparation for a next level, etc. While I can't disprove any of these beliefs, I see no evidence to support any of them. Based on what we know - facts - I can only say that this universe appears to support conscious beings who must do something within the laws of space and time that we know now, other than just exist or blindly follow a set of rules for some future reward or punishment. It seems to me that the human race is learning - slowly, painfully, over time - right and wrong, and, eventually, wisdom. We learn this collective knowledge as a species the same way we learn as an individual - through reflection on, and avoidance of, pain and death, and appreciation of pleasure and beauty. Trial and error.
If the trend of human knowledge and evolution continues, then men will (eventually) evolve into wiser beings who will someday be able to approach - even control - the next step in their evolution.

I believe that we will soon start to alter our genetic machinery and create man-machine hybrids that we enable us to live much longer lives and learn much more in each lifetime. We will also be increasingly connected, plugged in to each other. Eventually, this will lead at some unknown future point into a state where we fuse - like the early cells that became multi- cellular organisms - into a singular, god-like consciousness. To some extent, we have already started a crude super-organism now, with the Internet and mass media, where we connect and experience the world through rapid connections. Each technological step speeds up the process of evolution, bringing us closer to the ultimate end.

If this fusion is the ultimate destination of human existence, it is not unreasonable to think that this was the design of the universe - to create a breeding ground for the development of super-conscious beings over billions of years. For some unknown reason, it seems that this type of consciousness must be learned "the hard way" - through the experiences of free will and suffering - war, pain, famine, genocide. It is only through the essentially pointless suffering of billions of beings that our species will eventually "get it" and focus its attention on progress, rather than wasting time acquiring riches and power (usually at the expense of others) or just pursuing mindless pleasures. Or so I hope.
But apparently time and human suffering are of little relevance to the "creators," whomever they may be, except that they teach us what is bad, what is to be rejected. To what purpose our distant descendants will serve - thousands of years from now - is something we cannot know, until we approach that frontier.

This, then, is the purpose of life. The sooner we dedicate our energies to developing this future, the sooner we will arrive at this destination. Science, technology, genetics, life extension - all of these provide progress to the future world. In your daily life, you may already be supporting the human races' progress, through educating, policing, protecting, researching, healing. However, you may also be hindering human progress. All of our wasteful activities - wars, religion, materialism, mindless pleasures - only slow down human evolution and postpone the inevitable future.

It seems desirable to speed up the process of progress. Just imagine if radios or computers had been invented 100 years earlier, or vaccines, or the internal combustion engine...unfortunately, throughout history there have been forces that have tried to slow human progress. In European history, many of the people trying to move knowledge forward were destroyed - burned as "witches" or "heretics" because they sought the truth. But ultimately, the truth has won out.

Anyway, these are my view of things. I have started this "blog" about my views, which I called "Evolutionary Deism." I call it this because I believe in "god" (or some sort of creator or creators) and I believe that evolution is proof of this force, which has produced you and me over a 10 billion year process. I don't want to "convert" anyone or convince anyone to see things my way; I am only interested in discussing these ideas with people who share an openness to this point of view. It seems pretty obvious to me that this is true and supported by what I know about biology, physics, psychology, etc. If you agree, then let me know...

(c) 2007-13 The Meaning of Life Blog

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Future Isn't What It Used to Be...

What happened to the future? Maybe it's because I live in the USA, an increasingly backwards and clueless nation; but the country that used to be forward-thinking is now forward-sinking. A nation that embraced technology how embraces delusion and Ponzi schemes. It's hard to believe that the US once had more rail roads than the rest of the world combined; now we can't even make a TV.

When a country embraces the future, and develops it, they are contributing to evolution, and they prosper. When they focus on the wealth and power technology makes, and forget where it came from, they sink into decadence and decline. Look at the Ottoman Empire today.

One more point: it seems that technology must pay for itself; the U.S. space program is a perfect example of pointless technological development. If the US had invested NASA's budgets in TV, VCR, and camcorder technology, we wouldn't be in the financial mess we are today.

So, the baton of progress has been dropped, and has been picked up by others, while the US wallows in its own folly. Time to learn Chinese.

Friday, December 7, 2012

More on Why Does the Universe Exist?

Here is another article for those interested in the question, "Why Does the Universe Exist?" - from the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.


Some text from this article (a pdf, no less):

The Problem
Heidegger (1959) considered the question, “Why does the universe exist?” to be the “fundamental
problem of metaphysics” (p. 61). A number of scholars suggested that such a question can be answered.

For example, Gilson (1941, p. 139) asserted that the cause of the universe is a “pure Act of existence” that is absolute and hence self-sufficient. In contrast, the question is frequently deemed an insoluble riddle and,
thus, inherently meaningless2 or simply ill-conceived. For instance, Huxley (1964, p. 108) suggested that one must learn to accept that the universe is an “irreducible mystery,” while Russell (Russell ; Copelston, 1973) contended that there is no ground whatsoever for the assumption that the universe as a whole must have a cause. One particularly noteworthy argument for the meaninglessness of the question, “Why does the universe exist?” is derived from the modern logic of Wittgenstein (1981/1922) and elucidated by  Koestenbaum (1962), Waisman (1967; cited in Edwards, 1973, p. 806) and others. Essentially, the argument is that “the question of why there is something and not nothing is either ill-formed or profitless, since any intelligible answer will merely invite the same question” (Blackburn, 1996, p. 40). This argument was advanced in Edwards’ (1973) influential essay “Why?”: In any of its familiar senses, when we ask anything 
of x, why it happens or why it is what it is- whether x is the collapse of an army, a case of lung cancer, the theft of a jewel, or the stalling of a car - we assume that there is some set of conditions, other than x, in terms of which it can be explained. We do not know what this other thing is that is suitably related to x, but unless it is in principle possible to go beyond x, and find such another thing, the question does not make any sense. Now, if by “the universe” we mean the totality of things, then our x in “Why does the universe exist?” is so all-inclusive that it is logically impossible to find anything which could be suitably related to that whose explanations we appear to be seeking. (p. 809)

Edwards’ (1973) thesis may be summarised by Wittgenstein’s (1981/1922, p. 183) statement that, “the sense of the world must lie outside the world.” It seems rather obvious that an explanation as to why someone, for example, engages in serial murder can...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Supporting Evolution: Stopping the Aging Process

After writing about evolution and the purpose of life, my thinking has taken a new twist.

Rather than merely stating that the purpose of life is to evolve, I want to actively support that purpose. To do this, I want to help with an evolutionary step - a solution to the problem of aging.

So, now I would like to find ways to stop aging.

To do this, I want to raise money for aging research.

I don't know how to do this or where to start. I don't know the best way to stop aging.

But I do know that it is possible, and that it will happen some day. Soon. I just don't know if it will be during my lifetime.

In part, that depends on me. And you.

So, if you see aging as a problem (many don't) and you would like to join me in the battle against aging, let me know.

Personally, I think this is the most important issue of the day. So, if you agree, send me an email ( and let me know how you can help; and visit my new anti-aging web site

Don't just be an observer. Participate in human evolution. Help me stop aging.

My plan? I want to raise $1 billion for aging research. If you don't want to age and die, then help me do this. Those who contribute the most are first in line for treatment.

You can help with information, skills (fund raising, blogging, web site design), encouragement, and cash. I will use the money to support the most appropriate aging research with the sole aim of developing a treatment that stops the aging process.

I look forward to hearing from you.

(Also, I don't think I can encourage you to do so, but I do get a small fee each time someone clicks on my ads...just so you know...)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Please Save Your Life - Support Medical Research

Do you want to live? Really? If so, why are you wasting so much time on so many useless activities? Do you know that medical research can slow down and stop the aging process? All this requires is some genetic tinkering.

Don't you want this research to happen during your lifetime? Or don't you care if you live or die? How about your children or grandchildren - don't you want them to not age and die?

Obviously, you don't care. You may watch your weight or exercise or take medicine or even support curing various diseases. But why bother? You will still die, and everyone you know will die.

Death is not inevitable. There is nothing inevitable about tooth decay. It is a disease process that can be treated. The same with aging.

But for this to happen, it will require money for research. We have the money. How much? I don't know. But if we took the money spent on pornography, cigarettes, cocaine, NASCAR, Big Macs, gourmet dog food, and a few military projects - then, you wouldn't age. You wouldn't die of old age or age-related processes.

Well, never mind. Obviously, you are happy the way things are - a few years of youth, then you get old, then you die. Circle of life, right? So, nothing to see here. Get back to your job, so you can pay for that big house and big car, vacations to other places, etc. Then, you will get old and die.

Maybe there is some after life. No one knows. I can neither prove nor disprove an after life. I can only say there is no proof that anything will happen after you/me/we are dead. Therefore, until I know for sure, I would rather stay alive, as the only apparent choice is non-existence. But that's me.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why Does the Universe Exist?

Here is a discussion of this most basic question - why does anything exist? Why not nothing? Why THIS universe, and not something else?
To read "Why Does the Universe Exist," by Derek Parfit, click HERE. Then tell me if it's worth finishing (I'm too busy right now!)

Here is the opening of the article:

WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE EXIST? THERE ARE here two questions: (1) Why does the Universe exist at all? That is, why is there anything rather than nothing? (2) Why is the Universe as it is?
Some dismiss these questions, thinking them idle. Some even think they make no sense. I believe they are both good questions. which could at least have partial answers.

The Universe could have been, in countless ways, different. Even if its features were in no way special, it would be puzzling why, out of all possible Universes, this is the one that exists. This fact would seem arbitrary.

Moreover, the Universe does seem to be special. For example, physicists now believe that if things had been very slightly different, in a whole range of ways, life would have been impossible. Can this be merely a coincidence? Theists answer No. On their view, God created the Universe with these
special features. It would not be surprising that God should have wanted life to be possible. But we could still ask why, among the possible life-containing Universes, God chose this one to be actual. If this was the best possible Universe, or was at least very good, this question would be answered. But, to defend this answer, we would have to solve the problem of evil.

If we could solve that problem, and could assume that God exists, question (2) would be answered. And question (1) might be less puzzling. This question would become, 'Why does God exist?' We partially explain some phenomenon if we show it be simpler, and less arbitrary. Compared with the
existence of a highly complicated and specific Universe, God's existence may be claimed to have these features.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hydrothermal Vents and You

There are vents in the deep ocean (hydrothermal vents) that give off methane, which bacteria eat. (link HERE) The bacteria are then eaten and so on, until untold millions of crabs are able to survive, deep under water, in these little ecological niches.

Are we different from these hydrothermal vent crabs?

I say yes, we are, because we are conscious, and will increasingly learn to control our own destiny and evolution. We matter. They don't.

The crabs are an evolutionary dead end.

If you read my earlier blogs, you will see I make an argument to support the view that universe was created for conscious beings. Not vent crabs. Sorry, crabs.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meaning of Life Exclusive: Interview With God.

In an exclusive to this web site, God has agreed to answer some questions about the meaning of life.
Meaning of Life (MoL): First of all, let me say on behalf of all humanity, we are honored to have you speak to our web site. We greatly appreciate your creating the universe, along with human beings. And thanks for stars, gravity, strawberries, honey, sunsets, beauty, love, the Grand Canyon, cats, flowers, Spring time, and all the other wonderful things in the world.

My first question is, why did you agree to speak with Meaning of Life?

God: Well, I don't believe in interference with human progress; but, since few people read your blog, I figured no harm would be done. It would give me a chance to express my plan to a few people. Maybe the human race is ready for some idea of what is really happening in the universe. If so, they will find their way to your web site, and it will help them.

MoL: Thank you. Well, my next question is about faith: which religion is correct?

God: If your question means which religion represents an accurate description of the universe I created and the purpose of living beings in this universe, the answer is none of them. Each was invented by men to provide them with comfort and meaning and order; but none represent a complete understanding of the truth. All religions rely on supernatural elements to explain things, and many are spread by violence or coercion, not logic. I created a universe that is logical. Each atom in my universe behaves according to my laws; to suggest that I allow exceptions to these rules completely misses the point of creation. The point was that a set of rules were needed to evolve in a specific direction. That is why I created time as well as space. Therefore, the supernatural is not part of the plan; and any religion that relies on it is not factual. It suggests that I am illogical.

MoL: What do you think about the world religions? Do you have a favorite?

God: I think they are usually well-meaning, and they help some people, but they are not what is needed to move people forward in terms of my goals of evolution of the species.

MoL: So, you support evolution?

God: Of course - I invented evolution. Evolution is the whole point of the universe. It is not an accident.

MoL: Toward what purpose?

God: That's what you guys need to figure out.

MoL: With all due respect - and I am not questioning your actions - but why can't you just tell us what we need to do? Why do we need to figure it out for ourselves?

God: That is also what you need to figure out. You will not figure this out unless you evolve further. You will not figure this out being satisfied with mere physical comfort, or power, or religious ecstasy. You will not figure this out following a religion, or taking a drug, or fighting a war, or following a leader. You will only figure this out by doing the hard work, the research, the science, the calculations, the societal changes, necessary to figure this out. You are slowly getting there; keep going, and it will be clear.

MoL: Thanks. Well, if we cannot rely on religion to answer the basic issues of life's meaning, then we have to start to understand what you really are all about.

I hope you won't feel I am questioning your actions...but many people wonder why there is pain and suffering in the world. Why do children get cancer? Why is there war? It's not that we are ungrateful, but wouldn't it have been possible to create a world where things were perfect?

God: That is a legitimate question. It is not unreasonable for intelligent beings to want comfort and to avoid pain; it would be illogical for them to desire pain, discomfort, death.

So, to answer your question, the reason there is suffering in the world is because I allow it. It is part of the structure of the universe that I created. It is there to teach a lesson. The lesson is that whatever is causing pain is bad, and must be ended or avoided. You know this in your nervous system - which is why your reflexes pull your hand away from a fire. The pain that I allow should teach human beings what is wrong and what they should avoid.

In the case of your hand and the fire, if you did not feel pain, you would suffer damage to your body. This is true of all pain - it is a sign that something needs to be fixed or avoided.

Today, suffering is mostly caused by human action or inaction. I have given you the tools to solve all human suffering. That is your job, not mine. If someone is suffering, it is because either they or someone else is not doing the right thing. People who reduce suffering are doing the right thing; people who cause suffering are doing the wrong thing.

In this next stage in human evolution, you need to develop increasingly sophsticated social structures to move forward, such as farming required more complex societies than hunting and gathering. If those complex social structures are abused, then suffering will continue. If they are used correctly, then suffering will decline.

MoL: How do you feel about people who say, "God says this" or "God says that..."

God: I would prefer that they say, "In my opinion, God wants this" or "It is my belief that God prefers that..." For they do not understand me, or they would not speak this way.

MoL: What should people - the human race - do?

God: It's not that complicated, monkey boy. Evolve. That means stop wasting time and energy with pointless activities that do not support human evolution. Put time and energy into human progress. Support science, medical, and engineering education and research, develop improved computer technology, increase understanding of genetics, cure diseases, stop aging, stop hunger, develop efficient transportation, communications, and energy systems. The result will be a human race ready to evolve to the next level. The rest is just waste and blind alleys. I have given you a choice, but I hope you pick the right one. But if the human race fails, other species will evolve. I'm patient - that's an advantage of living outside of space and time.

MoL: Is there other intelligent life in the universe?

God: You mean, including the human race? Yes - but I spaced the stars and planets far apart, so they won't interfere with each other.

[To Be Continued...]

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Face It - You Are Just a Retarded Monkey!

If you were to spend a few seconds reflecting on that miserable joke you call your life, you would see what a retarded monkey you are. The things you think are important are pointless garbage, and the things that are important, well, you never think about them at all.

How do you spend most of your day? Doing some pointless job to make money. And what about any extra time? If you are in America, you spend your free time watching useless sports or TV shows or playing video games or doing other useless things. Or maybe you go to church or grow flowers or build model ships or paint. Then you die.

When was the last time you were seething with anger? What do you even get worked up about? A sporting event? A parking spot? Some extra money? Some pointless slight? Some political event? What does it matter, when you have no idea why you were born, and don't even bother to consider the meaning of life a priority? You'll be dead soon enough, and frankly, no one cares.

You are so stupid, you don't even try to extend your pathetic, useless life by supporting medical research. So, you will die and your kids will die and their's will, too - for no reason except your stupidity and laziness. Because you are such a moron. You probably don't even take care of yourself now, and are fat and puffy and lazy. Look in the mirror and tell me I'm wrong, you bloated parasite. Yes, you are a disgusting mess.

What should you do? Support science, support medical research, support those few people who are trying to save your useless life with medical research. And eat a salad, you disgusting fat slob.

Monday, February 6, 2012

10,000 Page Views

Today, the statistics show 10,000 page views. It's probably more than that, but that is an interesting statistic.

I am trying to contribute, in a small way, to speeding up human evolution. Of course, too much evolution without related social evolution (increased morals, etc) can lead to insanity - power lust, greed etc.

Just look at Nazi Germany. German developed very fast in the early nineteenth century, but then used its genius in chemistry and other sciences for evil purposes - the enslavement of others. A hideous period followed in which 50 million people were killed, and many great minds were snuffed out. Some argue that wars speed progress, but they also destroy so much (energy, places, human beings) that I can't believe they aren't a net loss (except for the victors and the war profiteers).

Anyway, thanks to all 10,000 pager viewers for looking over this blog. Hopefully, it changes at least one mind and contributed a crumb or two to speeding the progress of human evolution. If that is true, all I ask is that someone from the future show their gratitude to me by sending me an email with clear instructions for not aging, so I don't age and don't die. This assumes that this little blog will survive the great war of 2205 and be retrieved in the far future...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Meaning of Life Is Currently Unknown

The most basic aspect of our existence - its purpose - remains unknown. No one on this planet, no member of the human race, can tell you why you and I are here, why we exist, why anything exists. You and I have no more true understanding of the meaning of life than our chimp cousin shown on the right.

There are sorts of faiths, religions, beliefs, creeds, dogmas, theories, conjectures, opinions - but that is all they are - opinions. There are no definitive facts answering the most simple and basic question - why are we here? How did we get here? What are we supposed to do?

This does not mean there is no meaning or no answer or no God - only that no one knows. No one knows - for sure - whether life even has a meaning or a creator. Anyone who says he or she knows should first say, "In my opinion," because that's all it is - an opinion.

Further, as mankind continues to grow, to learn, to collect data, to gain knowledge, we should, at some not-so-distant point, be able to answer this question - clearly.

I offer my theory, which has some logic and basis on science (observed information), but it is only that, although it is at least plausible, unlike the major religious, which frankly make no sense, lack logic, and rely on miracles and impossible events.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


If you believe - as I do - the following:

1. We live in a purposeful, designed universe
2. The purpose of the universe involves the development of increased intelligence through evolution
3. We should support this purpose

Then it raises the question - where do we apply resources so this is best accomplished?

In other words, given our limited resources, what should be support and what should we ignore?

For example, I think we should support medical research, especially the cure of aging, cancer, and other deadly diseases. This would increase the human lifespan, and more productive people would contribute more to human progress. Imagine if Aristotle, Leonardo, Mozart, Poe, Freud, Einstein, and others had lived another 100 much more evolved we would be?

But what about the poor, in a world where billions have nothing?

In our objective calculations, do we simply write them off? Are they simply not part of the story of human evolution? Or worse, are they holding us back?

I honestly don't know the answer. Perhaps the dirt poor African or South American slum dweller has the genius or mutated gene the human race needs to advance dramatically. Or maybe not, and using resources to support billions of people will only detract from and slow human progress.

It is a cold calculus that lets some children die from starvation and disease; it is beyond my limited capacity.

However, my instincts tell me that the more we help the backwards improve, the faster the human race progresses. As a race. But that's just my opinion. Helping the poor, the weak, the sick, might have the opposite effect.

What do you think? Should we spend limited funds helping the poor, or focus on helping the wealthy nations lead the way?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Americans Are Stupid

While the rest of the world envies our wealth and military power, they know something you don't - Americans are so stupid that a rapid decline is inevitable - and soon. It will affect all of us and all classes - even your smug little world.
Meanwhile, millions of stupid Americans - like you - continue to blissfully ignore reality. You continue to drive you bloated, gas-guzzling SUV to the super center, where you buy products made in China that you don't need. You go to your pointless job and do meetings and write memos.
Imagine what America could be like if you weren't such a moron. First, we would elect politicians who would make the hard choices we need to succeed and maintain our standard of living in the future in this rapidly changing world. We would live longer, healthier lives, with more purpose. The world would be a better place without our constant wars.
Each class is guilty. If you are in the lower classes, you may be wasting your time on drugs, TV, parties, cars, etc, instead of studying and improving yourself to enter the middle class. You may be pulling more out of the society than you are putting in. If you are middle class, you may be wasting money on energy-wasting lifestyle choices - suburban living, commuting by car, driving an SUV. If you are rich, you are probably wasting our nation's wealth - which you control most of - with luxury items, and using your power to squeeze more out of the other classes, rather than helping them to prosper. All classes need to work together and help each other, not exploit each other. Eventually, what hurts one class hurts all classes.
Ideally, everyone would be spending the least amount of money it takes to survive, then putting the rest into our future - research, education, training. Imagine if our wealthy class lived in modest homes and put the $5-$10-$20 million spent on a luxury home into medical research. Imagine if instead of "watching the game" our working and middle classes spent their free time teaching others or learning about science or the metric system. Imagine 300 million working together and focused on a future where America is not propped up with government borrowing and Ponzi schemes but the best products in the world. Why wouldn't you want to live in this type of society?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Civilization - Ups and Downs

Have you heard about the antikythera mechanism? This was a sophisticated calculating device built around 150 BC. It was discovered in a ship wreck. Researchers say that nothing as sophisticated was developed until the fifteenth century...

Unfortunately, despite the brilliance of its inventors, this knowledge was lost for over a thousand - the engine of evolution - does not always move forward.

Imagine if this had led to the development of advanced time pieces and computers...1000 years ago...

In order to fulfill our destiny, we must evolve (as described in this blog). However, we must make the conscious choice to do this, and to move forward. Most people are content to stand still; sometimes we backslide. But we must commit to moving forward.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Infinite Universes?

While I have stated that our understanding of the universe should be guided by science and facts, I just wanted to express my opinion about something. I am suggesting that all this "infinite universes" stuff is simply not true. It is my belief - based on very little information other than my daily life - that there is only one universe - the one we live in. In fact, this fits in with my theory about the meaning of life (on this web site), which is more fact based.

However, I think it would not be all that difficult to test my theory and find out who is wrong. While it is easy for physicists to come up with fancy theories about this and that, why not test these? I'm sure this has happened, but has anyone tested the theory that there is only one universe, and we are in it?

I am reminded of the ancient Greek thought exercise, where a man could never catch up with a tortoise, because he would cross half the distance, then half of that, then half of that...for infinity, because the halves could always get smaller. Viable on paper, but simply not true.

It's not much proof, but when we are born, our sense organs become adjusted to what - the world we live in. These have evolved over millions of years to unchanging phenomena, such as light. Our eyes see colors because they are adapted to a set spectrum of light. If we lived in a universe without rules or changing rules, why wouldn't we just adapt to that? We would simply be multiple universe creatures.

Anyway, my focus has been more on biology and this is just my opinion, not even a theory, but it just occurred to me that all this infinite universes stuff might be so much dead-end thinking.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Singularity / Ray Kurweil

Has anyone read the book "The Singularilty is Near" by Ray Kurweil? He describes some of the same ideas about the approaching point of technological evolution. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Face It - You Don't Know Why You Are Here

As a child, you may have become self-aware one day, and asked your parents, "Why are we here?" They, of course, had no idea, because no one on earth knows why we are here, so they may have said, "Ask your father" or "Because God made us."

Children can be surprisingly logical, until taught otherwise, so you may have asked, "But why did God make us?" At that point, most parents, being both clueless and lacking an answer, will merely say, "Well, I'm sure there is a reason."

I believe there is.

I describe a possible reason in this blog. Through this new technology (the Internet), my little theory has been read by people from around the world, including those living in such countries as Iran, Russia, Israel, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and China. That's pretty amazing, when you think about it.

As you will see from the comments - which I hope you will add to - some react with anger and insults, some with praise, but most with dogma - that is, they based their life on a book or religion that is basically someone's opinion.

Well, this is my opinion, but I am starting with a different premise than any religion I know - correct me if I'm wrong - that our perception of reality should be based on facts, not on fantastic stories and visions.

So, if you are tired of religions handing you illogical, unproven ideas and telling you to simply accept them or suffering some punishment, then please read a few of my blog entries. And let me know what you think!

Are You Insane?

It would seem that a rational being, faced with the inevitabilty of death, would do everything possible to preserve his life and the lives of those he cares about.

Therefore, it would seem logical that everyone would fervently support medical research that will prevent aging and death. Yet this is not the case.

While every parent would stop their child from walking into traffic and being killed by a car, and would not allow their child to drink poison, the vast majority of parents seem unconcerned that their child will grow old and die, or is at risk for future horrible diseases like cancer. Why is this?

I don't know.

I believe that soon, aging will be stopped. Perhaps this will even occur duing my lifetime. Or perhaps my generation is the last to age and die. How sad that human progress, with its glorious future, should leave behind my generation, aging, fragile, and dying.

I say that if you do not support medical research to save your life, and do not support politicians who will increase medical research, then you are allowing yourself and everyone you know to die. Which is insane.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Needs to Be Done

Rather than focusing on the negative, here is something positive:

In order to save the sinking ship that is America, we need some radical changes.

It is not about one party or the other; liberals or conservatives; it's about setting goals and finding the best solutions.

Right now, this country has no goals. It is just on autopiloit (or cruise control - take your pick).

Our institutions do not serve anyone but themselves.

What we need is some way to take the strangle-hold useless people have on our society and economy before we enter a death spiral. This can be fairly easily done but first the people have to be open to change. Unfortunately, half of America is in denial and the other half is shell-shocked from unemployment, underemployment, or overemployment, along with stress, financial worries, and utter confusion about who they are and where they belong in this rapidly changing world.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Human Race = 6.6 Billion Morons

One of the reasons for running this blog is my incredible frustration knowing that I will die because you idiots are too stupid to realize the most simple, obvious truths - that your lives are ticking away and you are doing nothing to stop your death (or mine).

Sadly, I can't save myself, as I can't do all the research needed to stop the aging process and cure cancer (or whatever horrible disease is going to kill me). I need others for this.

So, meanwhile, you idiots go about your useless lives like so many locusts - wasting precious time and energy on pointless activities that have nothing to do with saving my life (or yours)! In fact, most people in the USA are too stupid to even stop stuffing food in their mouths, and will die 20 years prematurely from a heart attack or stroke. Way to go, dude! In other countries, they are either starving or trying to kill each other. What a mad house!

And because people are such incredible morons, our "leaders" are morons, too. They fight over which useless program to fund, missing the entire point. Why spend billions on useless programs, when the same money could save millions of lives - including their own, their children, their parents...But, of course, you are too stupid to even ask them to do otherwise!

Well, in a thousand years, we will eventually evolve to the point where the idiots don't run the planet and can't hold back human progress. But by then I will be dust, and no one will even remember I (or you) existed!

Oh, what's the point? My fate is tied to the 6.6 billion mental midgets who inhabit this beautiful but cursed planet, who have virtually no interest in evolving the human race. It is only during times of great stress and conflict that people get out of their lethargy and think and actually do something. Otherwise, they are just oblivious animals.

Well, sorry to have bothered you. You can go back to sleep now. Nothing to see here. Have a nice day! What mindless drivel do you look forward to watching tonight?

Friday, August 27, 2010

You Stupid, Stupid Idiot!

Someday you are going to be lying in a hospital, your body racked with pain as cancer or some other grotesque disease infiltrates your each moment of flickering life is filled with surprising agony, you may finally get it -- this is what that joker was talking about on his blog - the pointless suffering that could have been avoided through medical progress...

So, whether you are destitute or a billionaire, you will still face the same agonizing fate, and the realization that it wasn't inevitable. While you scream to the heavens "Why am I suffering", you may have an epiphany. The only point of the pain is to convince you - and mankind - to evolve and develop science so such suffering can be avoided.

But, of course, as your life passes before you, it occurs to you that you did nothing to help mankind evolve. Since you have a computer - or you wouldn't be reading this - you probably live in an industrialized nation, and you spent your money, time, etc on the useless diversions of life, never thinking about the final, painful moments when you will stare death in the face and lose.

Yes, you have passionately worried about sports teams and political candidates and who is doing what on TV and the National Enquirer; you have purchased motorcycles and SUVs and boats and useless household goods; you have worried about your lawn and your couch and your garage, but never spent a penny to save your own useless life...

Ultimately, it comes down to what God wants. I can't say I know what God wants but it seems reasonable to assume he/she/it is as logical as the rest of the universe (atoms, time, light, molecules, stars, etc). It seems logical to assume that whomever the creator is, this being wants us to do something. As I've noted in this blog, I believe he wants us to evolve, and has left crumbs for us to follow (without too much information).

To me, these crumbs point toward human evolution and increasing knowledge. One "pay off" is that we will no longer die horrible, painful deaths. The pitfall is that every new step forward leads to some clown trying to grab power and kill/control/intimidate others.

The solution is for each person to realize their crucial role in the future. Each step forward is magnified dramatically - imagine if people 200 years ago had developed computers or radios. Imagine if the 50 million people - including scientists, doctors, thinkers -- killed in WWII had lived. Stupidity robs from the future.

For you, this means being in the vanguard of the evolution. Stop wasting time and resources on foolishness - support science, progress, technology, and efforts to make this world better.

I believe this is what God wants, although this is just my opinion - no one has any idea what God wants. If you read my blog, you will see that at least my theory makes sense and holds together logically.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Does God Watch Everything We Do?

The fact is, no matter what you believe about God, it is only your opinion. You may believe that prayer works; you may believe that God watches everything we do, and rewards goodness and punishes evil; you may feel your holy book or some events in your life provide proof of your beliefs; but the fact remains, no one really knows what God is or what God wants or even why we exist at all. It is all conjecture.

I think the best we can do is assume there is a God, and thank God for creating this world and our lives, and dedicate ourselves to doing as much good, and as little harm, as possible.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are You Wasting Your Life?

If you feel like you are wasting you life, you probably are! Read my blog, and you will see why. I offer a logic-based explanation for the purpose of life (free from supernatural-religious elements that defy logic and can't be verified). If I'm right, then you may be able to conclude that there is a purpose to your life, and you've "missed the boat." However, it's never too late, and every little bit helps. So, please read my short theory of life's meaning, and let me know if you see any flaws in my logic. I would be happy to discuss them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What Should You Do With YOUR Life?

If you are wondering, What should I do with my life? - here is a thought to consider. If you agree with the "thesis" of this blog - that the purpose of life, as evidenced by the universe that God created, is for intelligent species to evolve to achieve some higher, as yet unknown goal - then anything you do to support the goals of God are good.

If you find this reasonable, then the purpose of your life becomes relatively simple. Take steps that support the progress of mankind. This may entail small steps, such as donating to medical research, or writing your congressman to put our limited resources toward scientific progress. Or volunteer to help teach kids to stay in school or stay out of trouble.

Larger steps would be choosing a career that moves humanity forward - becoming a computer engineer, or dedicating your future to design efficient energy or health care systems. Be a psychotherapist, who helps people solve their problems and become aware - conscious - of their own minds. Or start a foundation to postpone or cure the disease of aging...

Someone once said to me, "A million years from now, it won't matter what we do." I think it is quite the opposite - every appropriate step you take, no matter how small, will have profound benefits moving forward that will continue to improve the future. Each improvement in science, medicine, computers, electronics, psychology, and other fields of knowledge make us live longer, think better, and move us closer to an amazing human future. It is like putting $1 in the bank today, and then letting it grow with compounded interest. How much would it be worth in a million years?

The road toward this future is long and hard. There are no quick rewards, as we will only move forward after millions of people spend millions of hours taking each agonizing and increasingly complex step. It is very, very far away and you will see very little of the incredible human potential that is ahead. However, each step brings us closer, while each failure (war, anti-science, wasted energy, etc) pushes us in the wrong direction. I hope that you will consider my point of view, read my entire blog, and then join those of us who support human progress.

Monday, December 15, 2008

One thing that puzzles me - why people in general (and especially people in power) accept the fact that they and everyone they love will age and die. Why don't the rich and powerful frantically organize a Manhattan project to stop aging?

After all, aging is a genetic disease that we all carry. It is not "natural" - just a left over from an earlier evolutionary period - and not something that can't be fixed. All we need to do is adjust our genetic information to remove the programs that set pointless limits on cell life.

These programs made sense millions of years ago, when each member of the species needed to breed then die off; but they do not make sense now, and the result in a limited life style and the loss of useful members of society (such as physicians and scientists).

Instead, our "elites" in business, government, the military, etc, spend our precious resources on pointless enterprises, while only a tiny fraction of our talent, money, and energy are spent on the most basic quest of all - staying alive. Doesn't make sense to me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2. Resources

If we accept that the purpose of the universe is to support intelligent, concious beings who will involved into gods, then anything that detracts from that path, that future, is a waste. Therefore, we should put all of our resources into this enterprise. With the exception of rest and recreation, the trillions of dollars spent on wars and other useless activities should be stopped; these resources should be diverted into science and medical research. First, to prevent disease and suffering (including the disease of age); next, to promote means for rapid education, including brain/machine interfaces; and finally, to support the unifcation of all minds that is the final step in human evolution. Every war, every murder, every selfish and greedy act is only delaying the progress of the inevitable.

Another factor is consider about the future is that nations do not control the future; the future controls us. The United States progressed because the people welcomed new technologies; now they resist them. Sadly, a country that rejects the future will not benefit from its gifts.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

3. Religion and Despair...

Because religion is a non-scientific system based on acceptance of unproven truths, the sudden loss of religious faith can have devastating consequences, as people turn to nihilism, thinking their is no truth, God, or meaning to life. This can be seen in Europe after WWI. The horrors committed in Europe in the Nazi period may have been the result of the release of conscience from the barriers to some higher authority. However, the solution is not a return to the brainwashing to religion. You cannot return to a naive state of ignorance once you have rejected the irrational precepts of religion. The alternative is what I suggest - not mindless religion, and not nihilism, but a science-based approach to the meaning of life that can be debated and analyzed, leading to a discovery of truth, not superstition.

I think much of the violence and nihilism we see in the Islamic world is a result of this process. As a group of people learn more about the world and realize that the comforting beliefs that they have held have no basis in scientific fact, they feel they must destroy this outside world (reality) or impose their worldview on it. The fact that I get about 25% of hits to this site from the Islamic world (Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, even Qatar) suggests that there are many Muslims who dare to question their culture and seek truth. I can only wish them luck in a struggle that will determine the future of humanity. I can't promise them that my view is correct and tradition religions are wrong - I can only say that it is my opinion that logic should be the starting point for studying any question - whether it is making a jet fly or the meaning of life.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Future vs the Status Quo

There seems to be two forces at play in the US - and other countries. There is a constant battle between the forces of change - science, progress, new thinking - and the forces that support keeping things the way they are - support for the "status quo." Consider the forces that tried to keep Europe in the Middle Ages - the Church, feudalism - that were threatened and ultimately surpassed by the forces of science and merchantilism, which has given us our current technology and the freedoms that they bring. Thanks to the Internet, I can express my philosophy - in opposition to organized religion - without being burned at the stack as a heretic.

It is my belief that America must defeat the inertia and backwardness of the forces of the status quo, and embrace the future. America became a great country because of our instinct for invention, technology, and innovation. We still see this in some of our information and military technologies, but otherwise much of America has become backward, anti-technology, anti-science, and anti-reason.

For example, the United States - because of the bloated economy we possess - is able to avoid such simple and common-sense changes as adopting the metric system for measurement. We continue to use and teach an irrational system based on archaic units. This hurts our integration with the world economy, increases chances for errors, and has no logical basis. Such irrational behavior must stop.