Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Face It - You Don't Know Why You Are Here

As a child, you may have become self-aware one day, and asked your parents, "Why are we here?" They, of course, had no idea, because no one on earth knows why we are here, so they may have said, "Ask your father" or "Because God made us."

Children can be surprisingly logical, until taught otherwise, so you may have asked, "But why did God make us?" At that point, most parents, being both clueless and lacking an answer, will merely say, "Well, I'm sure there is a reason."

I believe there is.

I describe a possible reason in this blog. Through this new technology (the Internet), my little theory has been read by people from around the world, including those living in such countries as Iran, Russia, Israel, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and China. That's pretty amazing, when you think about it.

As you will see from the comments - which I hope you will add to - some react with anger and insults, some with praise, but most with dogma - that is, they based their life on a book or religion that is basically someone's opinion.

Well, this is my opinion, but I am starting with a different premise than any religion I know - correct me if I'm wrong - that our perception of reality should be based on facts, not on fantastic stories and visions.

So, if you are tired of religions handing you illogical, unproven ideas and telling you to simply accept them or suffering some punishment, then please read a few of my blog entries. And let me know what you think!


niknaknoo said...

If you are so keen on factual information why do you keep mentioning god and religion?

Source of Information said...

Because this blog is called the Meaning of Life, of which God is the central question. Duh.

If God exists, then he is part of science. The fact that God has been the subject of religion doesn't mean that he isn't part of the real world, only that religion is not scientific. Duh again.

Anonymous said...

Why are we here? Simple.

Given enough time (infinite), an accident (like the universe, and us) had to happen.

I'm satisfied with that. Didn't kill anyone in the name of Islam, either!

Will Doohan said...

I am here to fold paper cranes, watch comedy on TV (shows and the news) and annoy people that think they are smarter than me. :-P

Source of Information said...

Good luck when you watch your loved ones dying from cancer or whatever, as they certainly will. Then you can say, well, I could have contributed, even in a small way, to preventing the suffering of people I care about, but instead I folded cranes, watched comedy shows, and annoyed people who were smarter than me. I'm sure you will feel good about yourself.

Source of Information said...

And you should have said, "people WHO think they are smarter than me..."

Anonymous said...

You have an incredible down to earth approach to life, I wish more people were like that.

The meaning of life is life. One can study life through science, especially that of biological evolution. Everything that exists follows basic laws, and life is a type of higer lever chemistry within this system of laws. There is no goal except for individual beings that set goals according to ones values, but life has no other goal than to exist. An individual should not set goals that are counter to life, ie goals that lead to death and destruction.

Now, for some unfathomable reason these simple facts seem to be incredible hard for most people to grasp. Western philosophy is in the toilet, people are turning to religion and the rest are so preoccupied with Sunday football, beer, food and sex that they hardly have time to string together a few coherent thoughts on this subject for even 10 seconds. And most don't even want to.

One needs to understand the facts I mentioned above and, in light of the given, find their own values that promote their life and set their own goals and find their own happiness. To do that one needs to THINK, one needs philosophy and with the current education system it seems that that ship has sailed for our generation, though I'm hoping for a sea change. It could happen if the western world hits the wall, HARD, and that does indeed seem likely within my lifetime. If so, then we'll see :)

- Frustrated Optimist