Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Needs to Be Done

Rather than focusing on the negative, here is something positive:

In order to save the sinking ship that is America, we need some radical changes.

It is not about one party or the other; liberals or conservatives; it's about setting goals and finding the best solutions.

Right now, this country has no goals. It is just on autopiloit (or cruise control - take your pick).

Our institutions do not serve anyone but themselves.

What we need is some way to take the strangle-hold useless people have on our society and economy before we enter a death spiral. This can be fairly easily done but first the people have to be open to change. Unfortunately, half of America is in denial and the other half is shell-shocked from unemployment, underemployment, or overemployment, along with stress, financial worries, and utter confusion about who they are and where they belong in this rapidly changing world.


Anonymous said...

What? No rants about stupid people today?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so can you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?? Stop complaining about things you can't change to people who can't change them either!