Friday, January 25, 2013

The Future Isn't What It Used to Be...

What happened to the future? Maybe it's because I live in the USA, an increasingly backwards and clueless nation; but the country that used to be forward-thinking is now forward-sinking. A nation that embraced technology how embraces delusion and Ponzi schemes. It's hard to believe that the US once had more rail roads than the rest of the world combined; now we can't even make a TV.

When a country embraces the future, and develops it, they are contributing to evolution, and they prosper. When they focus on the wealth and power technology makes, and forget where it came from, they sink into decadence and decline. Look at the Ottoman Empire today.

One more point: it seems that technology must pay for itself; the U.S. space program is a perfect example of pointless technological development. If the US had invested NASA's budgets in TV, VCR, and camcorder technology, we wouldn't be in the financial mess we are today.

So, the baton of progress has been dropped, and has been picked up by others, while the US wallows in its own folly. Time to learn Chinese.


Joris said...

Yeah and all the satellites that are up there thanks to the oh so useless space program now let you watch something usefull on tv (allthough i highly doubt that you would watch anything beside crappy reality shows, dumbass)

Source of Information said...

If you weren't such a moron, you would understand that many countries (China, India, Israel) can launch satellites that pay for themselves. We are the only country (because of self-absorbed, short-sighted oafs like you) who spend billions of dollars with minimal return. That is why we are $13 trillion in debt, while the Chinese have huge savings. But you live in a fantasy world, so I don't expect you to grasp reality until it's too late. By the way, I don't watch TV.

Anonymous said...

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