Friday, February 4, 2011

Americans Are Stupid

While the rest of the world envies our wealth and military power, they know something you don't - Americans are so stupid that a rapid decline is inevitable - and soon. It will affect all of us and all classes - even your smug little world.
Meanwhile, millions of stupid Americans - like you - continue to blissfully ignore reality. You continue to drive you bloated, gas-guzzling SUV to the super center, where you buy products made in China that you don't need. You go to your pointless job and do meetings and write memos.
Imagine what America could be like if you weren't such a moron. First, we would elect politicians who would make the hard choices we need to succeed and maintain our standard of living in the future in this rapidly changing world. We would live longer, healthier lives, with more purpose. The world would be a better place without our constant wars.
Each class is guilty. If you are in the lower classes, you may be wasting your time on drugs, TV, parties, cars, etc, instead of studying and improving yourself to enter the middle class. You may be pulling more out of the society than you are putting in. If you are middle class, you may be wasting money on energy-wasting lifestyle choices - suburban living, commuting by car, driving an SUV. If you are rich, you are probably wasting our nation's wealth - which you control most of - with luxury items, and using your power to squeeze more out of the other classes, rather than helping them to prosper. All classes need to work together and help each other, not exploit each other. Eventually, what hurts one class hurts all classes.
Ideally, everyone would be spending the least amount of money it takes to survive, then putting the rest into our future - research, education, training. Imagine if our wealthy class lived in modest homes and put the $5-$10-$20 million spent on a luxury home into medical research. Imagine if instead of "watching the game" our working and middle classes spent their free time teaching others or learning about science or the metric system. Imagine 300 million working together and focused on a future where America is not propped up with government borrowing and Ponzi schemes but the best products in the world. Why wouldn't you want to live in this type of society?


Retarded Monkey said...

Source of Information, I know that I've been riding you a bit hard, and I apologize. I do agree with you -- most lives lived seem pointless to me. I look around and see only squirrels gathering nuts. The question to ask is when, if ever, a squirrel decides that it has enough nuts. I attest that almost every person that lives or has lived, spends his or her life in fear. It is, after all, easy to do. Our (individual and collective) corporal existence is vulnerable to say the least.

However, not enough of these people are capable of achieving the necessary understanding or consensus to attempt that which you desire. Sadly, human evolution has demonstrated that it favors an IQ of 100. I've spent my life feeling like an alien.

Anonymous said...

really although I kind of agree its mostly laziness stupidities just the result