Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Please Save Your Life - Support Medical Research

Do you want to live? Really? If so, why are you wasting so much time on so many useless activities? Do you know that medical research can slow down and stop the aging process? All this requires is some genetic tinkering.

Don't you want this research to happen during your lifetime? Or don't you care if you live or die? How about your children or grandchildren - don't you want them to not age and die?

Obviously, you don't care. You may watch your weight or exercise or take medicine or even support curing various diseases. But why bother? You will still die, and everyone you know will die.

Death is not inevitable. There is nothing inevitable about tooth decay. It is a disease process that can be treated. The same with aging.

But for this to happen, it will require money for research. We have the money. How much? I don't know. But if we took the money spent on pornography, cigarettes, cocaine, NASCAR, Big Macs, gourmet dog food, and a few military projects - then, you wouldn't age. You wouldn't die of old age or age-related processes.

Well, never mind. Obviously, you are happy the way things are - a few years of youth, then you get old, then you die. Circle of life, right? So, nothing to see here. Get back to your job, so you can pay for that big house and big car, vacations to other places, etc. Then, you will get old and die.

Maybe there is some after life. No one knows. I can neither prove nor disprove an after life. I can only say there is no proof that anything will happen after you/me/we are dead. Therefore, until I know for sure, I would rather stay alive, as the only apparent choice is non-existence. But that's me.

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