Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meaning of Life Exclusive: Interview With God.

In an exclusive to this web site, God has agreed to answer some questions about the meaning of life.
Meaning of Life (MoL): First of all, let me say on behalf of all humanity, we are honored to have you speak to our web site. We greatly appreciate your creating the universe, along with human beings. And thanks for stars, gravity, strawberries, honey, sunsets, beauty, love, the Grand Canyon, cats, flowers, Spring time, and all the other wonderful things in the world.

My first question is, why did you agree to speak with Meaning of Life?

God: Well, I don't believe in interference with human progress; but, since few people read your blog, I figured no harm would be done. It would give me a chance to express my plan to a few people. Maybe the human race is ready for some idea of what is really happening in the universe. If so, they will find their way to your web site, and it will help them.

MoL: Thank you. Well, my next question is about faith: which religion is correct?

God: If your question means which religion represents an accurate description of the universe I created and the purpose of living beings in this universe, the answer is none of them. Each was invented by men to provide them with comfort and meaning and order; but none represent a complete understanding of the truth. All religions rely on supernatural elements to explain things, and many are spread by violence or coercion, not logic. I created a universe that is logical. Each atom in my universe behaves according to my laws; to suggest that I allow exceptions to these rules completely misses the point of creation. The point was that a set of rules were needed to evolve in a specific direction. That is why I created time as well as space. Therefore, the supernatural is not part of the plan; and any religion that relies on it is not factual. It suggests that I am illogical.

MoL: What do you think about the world religions? Do you have a favorite?

God: I think they are usually well-meaning, and they help some people, but they are not what is needed to move people forward in terms of my goals of evolution of the species.

MoL: So, you support evolution?

God: Of course - I invented evolution. Evolution is the whole point of the universe. It is not an accident.

MoL: Toward what purpose?

God: That's what you guys need to figure out.

MoL: With all due respect - and I am not questioning your actions - but why can't you just tell us what we need to do? Why do we need to figure it out for ourselves?

God: That is also what you need to figure out. You will not figure this out unless you evolve further. You will not figure this out being satisfied with mere physical comfort, or power, or religious ecstasy. You will not figure this out following a religion, or taking a drug, or fighting a war, or following a leader. You will only figure this out by doing the hard work, the research, the science, the calculations, the societal changes, necessary to figure this out. You are slowly getting there; keep going, and it will be clear.

MoL: Thanks. Well, if we cannot rely on religion to answer the basic issues of life's meaning, then we have to start to understand what you really are all about.

I hope you won't feel I am questioning your actions...but many people wonder why there is pain and suffering in the world. Why do children get cancer? Why is there war? It's not that we are ungrateful, but wouldn't it have been possible to create a world where things were perfect?

God: That is a legitimate question. It is not unreasonable for intelligent beings to want comfort and to avoid pain; it would be illogical for them to desire pain, discomfort, death.

So, to answer your question, the reason there is suffering in the world is because I allow it. It is part of the structure of the universe that I created. It is there to teach a lesson. The lesson is that whatever is causing pain is bad, and must be ended or avoided. You know this in your nervous system - which is why your reflexes pull your hand away from a fire. The pain that I allow should teach human beings what is wrong and what they should avoid.

In the case of your hand and the fire, if you did not feel pain, you would suffer damage to your body. This is true of all pain - it is a sign that something needs to be fixed or avoided.

Today, suffering is mostly caused by human action or inaction. I have given you the tools to solve all human suffering. That is your job, not mine. If someone is suffering, it is because either they or someone else is not doing the right thing. People who reduce suffering are doing the right thing; people who cause suffering are doing the wrong thing.

In this next stage in human evolution, you need to develop increasingly sophsticated social structures to move forward, such as farming required more complex societies than hunting and gathering. If those complex social structures are abused, then suffering will continue. If they are used correctly, then suffering will decline.

MoL: How do you feel about people who say, "God says this" or "God says that..."

God: I would prefer that they say, "In my opinion, God wants this" or "It is my belief that God prefers that..." For they do not understand me, or they would not speak this way.

MoL: What should people - the human race - do?

God: It's not that complicated, monkey boy. Evolve. That means stop wasting time and energy with pointless activities that do not support human evolution. Put time and energy into human progress. Support science, medical, and engineering education and research, develop improved computer technology, increase understanding of genetics, cure diseases, stop aging, stop hunger, develop efficient transportation, communications, and energy systems. The result will be a human race ready to evolve to the next level. The rest is just waste and blind alleys. I have given you a choice, but I hope you pick the right one. But if the human race fails, other species will evolve. I'm patient - that's an advantage of living outside of space and time.

MoL: Is there other intelligent life in the universe?

God: You mean, including the human race? Yes - but I spaced the stars and planets far apart, so they won't interfere with each other.

[To Be Continued...]


Anonymous said...

His directions sound easy... let's get it together and tidy up this place! And move on.

Anonymous said...

I agree! But people are not getting this message. It seems so obvious to me, but it requires education and freedom from brainwashing to even consider this. The human race is doomed to centuries of pointless suffering until they recognize this obvious and simple truths.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing but singular cosmic consciousness ..truth is always simple ..

Anonymous said...

"That is why I created time as well as space. Therefore,..."

Wait a minute MR!!! Do you mean to suggest that you didn't take up any space before you created space?

I'm only asking....

Anonymous said...

What of the arts and human expression?

Simon said...

Umm... "God: I would prefer that they say, "In my opinion, God wants this" or "It is my belief that God prefers that..." For they do not understand me, or they wouldn't speak this way."

So, since you've got the audacity to speak on His behalf, aren't you also basically saying you don't understand Him?