Sunday, February 12, 2012

Face It - You Are Just a Retarded Monkey!

If you were to spend a few seconds reflecting on that miserable joke you call your life, you would see what a retarded monkey you are. The things you think are important are pointless garbage, and the things that are important, well, you never think about them at all.

How do you spend most of your day? Doing some pointless job to make money. And what about any extra time? If you are in America, you spend your free time watching useless sports or TV shows or playing video games or doing other useless things. Or maybe you go to church or grow flowers or build model ships or paint. Then you die.

When was the last time you were seething with anger? What do you even get worked up about? A sporting event? A parking spot? Some extra money? Some pointless slight? Some political event? What does it matter, when you have no idea why you were born, and don't even bother to consider the meaning of life a priority? You'll be dead soon enough, and frankly, no one cares.

You are so stupid, you don't even try to extend your pathetic, useless life by supporting medical research. So, you will die and your kids will die and their's will, too - for no reason except your stupidity and laziness. Because you are such a moron. You probably don't even take care of yourself now, and are fat and puffy and lazy. Look in the mirror and tell me I'm wrong, you bloated parasite. Yes, you are a disgusting mess.

What should you do? Support science, support medical research, support those few people who are trying to save your useless life with medical research. And eat a salad, you disgusting fat slob.


Anonymous said...

You're an asshole. You are clearly afraid to die, and don't think medical research will save you!

Source of Information said...

No, you are an asshole, so I'm glad you don't get it. This way, the smart people will live forever and numb nuts like you will die out. Sooner the better, retard.

Source of Information said...

And, yes, I don't want to die. Duh. But you see the difference between you and me is that I have a reason for being on Earth, while you are just a human postule, occupying space and wasting oxygen. The sooner you cease to exist, the better, you useless parasite.

Mirko said...

Interesting point of view. I would like to share my idea. People are born, they live and they die. And this process continues for long time. We are running in circles like fools on this sphere that we call Earth. We are like the cavemen that saw the light coming in their cave. They didn't know if outside is better or safer than their cave. Yet they went outside and we didn't. They explored and they did well. Life is about exploring and evolving.

So Suddenly Meaningless said...

I can understand where your coming from. I agree with you on certain aspects of your article. Most people believe they are smarter than everyone, but there is no such thing as smarter. Everyone is dumb, everyone is smart. Ask a stoner how to steam clean an engine and ask a mechanic about different types of marijuana. Neither will be able to answer but switch those questions around and you'll most likely receive hours of detailed answers from both parties. We are all confused and lost here on earth together. Instead of hating everything you don't understand try embracing and loving the things you do understand. Everyone dies but very few are brave enough to truly live.
Everything here is how I perceive the world, remember I'm just as dumb as everyone else and just as confused. The only difference is I walk in my shoes and you walk in yours.

gadfleye said...

Interesting article, only clicked on it because everyday I ask the same questions. However I did find you somewhat angry, yes the world is a nutty place with even nuttier people in it. And Life throws up some difficult experiences for some people which is why we begin to question our life and reason for being here. Death is a fascinating subject too, and one we should all be aware of, pity society hides it away. (I don't mean the TV and film version of killing but a natural extinguishing of old age and death) If you ever see someone die you will know it is nothing to be afraid off and is somethings that everyone will go through. So be prepared, lighten up, find your own destiny and is really not that bad.

Leon said...

The fact that we exist is a big clue.

What analysis science has been able to do demonstrates that our existence is well beyond any sane definition of impossible.

It has also demonstrated that the universe is not eternal.

Nobody has deduced any reason for (or found any evidence for) our universe being cyclical.

The sole remaining option is that the universe was made.

After that, things get complex & are certainly beyond the scope of this comment.

Hello from Australia AKA Fourecks.

Retarded Monkey said...

Leon - consider the possibility that this universe is not the first one to have existed. Now consider the possibility that this universe is not the only one currently in existence, and last, consider the possibility that it won't be the last one to exist.

So Suddenly Meaningless - intelligence is not about the amount of knowledge in a given brain, but instead with that brain's ability to correlate its contained knowledge to achieve understanding.

Source of Information - can you please tell us why we should desire to extend our pointless existences? Would our lives somehow less pointless if they were longer? However, I do concur with you -- no object or endeavor has any value or meaning until someone attaches such to said object or endeavor, but there is no guarantee that anyone else will share this person's opinion. One thing is for certain: the people reading your blog value their own lives far more than they value yours.

good day everyone.

Anonymous said...

dude death is in escapable you can extend and perfect all you want but you will die and personally if there was no death or very little the world would overpopulate run out of resource and die off anyway just like when you take a animals predeter out. yes we could look for other planets too but that will become a mass sacrifice of lives as well to even find one nature has its way of working things out