Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Is Everyone So Incredibly Stupid?

I try not to rant too much on this blog, but I am reaching a point of great frustration at the remarkable stupidity of humanity.

We have a wonderful - and simple - opportunity to make the world a better place. We can cure all diseases, live forever, and have lives of simple comfort and ease - but we don't, because of the incredible mass stupidity of the human race!

We take our enormous energy and resources, and pour it down the drain. Where are our leaders? Hello?

The work we need to do is simple. Just support knowledge and stop killing/exploiting each other. That's it. Just use our energy and resources to increase knowledge of clean energy, computers, medicine, nutrition, efficient housing and transportation, etc, so we can live better, and just get along and treat people fairly, so we can share knowledge and progress smoothly.

But no! People can't even drive on the highway without thinking only of themselves. It constantly amazes me to see traffic on the highways; traffic that can be avoided by some simply steps, such as letting other drivers onto ramps. This is an analogy for how mindless, selfish behavior hurts everyone - including the selfish person who is trying to cut the others off!

Can't people see that simply getting along and not being completely greedy means that things move smoothly and everyone reaches their destination? What is true for people driving on the freeway is also true for people and nations.

I don't suggest some sort of world government but let's at least start with a goal - the goal of human progress. Unfortunately, I find it hard to find ONE person who agrees with this ideal. Despite our occasional technological leaps forward, the vast majority of humans have no clue that they are involved in an amazing enterprise - evolution - which is now moving them forward into the future. We need to embrace our destiny - to evolve - and cast aside the useless concepts of the past.

Well, I am just a lone voice in the wilderness, howling for human evolution and progress, so that we can avoid the pointless suffering, pain, and death that is the punishment for failing to get the point. My contention is that God has given us two choices: be smart and evolve, or stay dumb and suffer -- until we get the point. God (whatever he, she, it, or they is - I have no idea, and neither do you) is patient.

So far, it seems that 99.99% of humanity doesn't get the point. So, we will continue to suffer wars, genocide, murder, disease, death, and remarkably levels of UNNECESSARY suffering until we make some simple changes.

And our roadways will continue to be clogged by pointless traffic. Sad but true.


niknaknoo said...

Fact is we've come this far through evolution by looking after ourselves first. It's survival of the fittest not survial of he who is the most charitable.

Not easy to change our ways sadly!

Dan said...

Maybe humans can't work together to cure all the ills of the world because there are too many greedy people after too many profits. Working together implies compassion and thought for others.

Source of Information said...

But why don't the people who are billionaires at least try to save their own lives by supporting medical reseach? Why give millions to ballet and art museums, when they are dying of a progressive disease called aging? It doesn't make sense.

Source of Information said...

Beside, people are working together for all sorts of idiotic things. If we spent the half the money we spend on NASCAR, sports, dog food, pornography, the military, and designer shoes, we would cure cancer, stop aging, etc.

Obviously, this isn't going to happen, which mean you and I will die, and are doomed to decay slowly from the hideous disease of aging.

Jack said...

I'm ok with dying of old age, seems like part of the deal.

I have also long held that the manner in which people drive is particularly reflective of their general location on the narcissism/altruism scale.

Survival of the fittest is also why we currently live in groups, there is great value to co-operation and not much to the John Wayne type go-it-alone ethic. Just sayin.

Source of Information said...

Jack - well, that's your choice, so I can respect that.

But let's see how you feel when you are old, going blind, and your bones are as fragile as dried twigs. Oh, and you see your friends and love ones die slow, horrible deaths...

Anonymous said...

Some of these comments are pretty stupid :

"Fact is we've come this far through evolution" ... how far is that ? Far enough to start 2 world wars ...

"It's survival of the fittest" ... you mean stupidest ?

"Working together implies compassion and thought for others" ... no, it means compassion and thought for yourself ... do you really want to live in a world like this ?

"you and I will die" ... yes ... wake the fuck up ... even if they cure cancer ... you - are - going - to - die - yes - it - is - not - a - fuck - ing - mo - vie

"well, that's your choice, so I can respect that" ... why ? Do you respect stupidity if it is somebody else's ! No. You would be stupid to do that.

Yes man is stupid. As we can see here, even the people talking about stupidity are stupid, unable to think for themselves in even a vaguely rational way. Although they can discuss stupidity, humans are unable to stop being stupid.

Aspirin said...

This is a terrible thing where no one can win! I am 13, i frigging hate all this stupidity. I view the human race as frigging stupid and they are. And since i am viewing the human race as stupid, does that mean im ignorant saying im not stupid as well? But i dont view myself as stupid because if i was, i wouldnt be talking bout this. But have i just conjured up a fantasy of myself? And now you probably think i want your sympathy, but i dont. But then why post this? Kinda pointless...see, i just proved myself inevitably stupid.

TFH said...

This is a beautiful good life bt the only thing that fucks it up are the rich greedy bastards, there just so stupid dont they know that once they die they are going to take nothing why not just help out humanity so we could finally be civilized its stupid how allot of ppl trade there souls and good consciousness just for materialized things, temptations thats stupid and the devils work, thats y humans are so easy to manipulate cuz were stupid allot of people will rather trade in their free will and what they believe in for money instead of contributing to a good cause and helping out the whole world in general, thats why God says we are all brothers and sisters wich means we have to stick together bt allot of ppl chgreedoose the devil instead we fighy for stupid greed that clouds our gudegment, we could still fix it under one rule and that is to never loose faith.

Knurd said...

What's the rush? If the Earth has been here for 4.7 billion years already and has another 4-5 billion to go, then what difference does it make if advancements take a thousand years longer than expected?

Selfishness isn't a knowledge problem, it's a spiritual problem. The more western society leans on the crutch of the naive tautology of materialism, the more selfish we will become. Materialism is the doctrine of selfishness. Altruism becomes irrational and pointless because altruism is predicated by meaning and purpose, which are immaterial things.

Umaya said...

I agree completely with this, everyone wants money and sex and ways of making themselves better, countries are corrupt, politicians are scumbags and we can make the world a better place, one example is the WTO (world trading organisation) who were founded to equalise fair trade everywhere they could but got greedy, and selfish and now exploit the people they are trying to help, me and the few like me want to get on a spaceship and leave but unfortunately the government is too busy sorting out conflict and financial crisis (which was caused by greed) to care about developing the means for us to leave.

Anonymous said...

"Aspirin said...

This is a terrible thing where no one can win! I am 13, i frigging hate all this stupidity. I view the human race as frigging stupid and they are. And since i am viewing the human race as stupid, does that mean im ignorant saying im not stupid as well? But i dont view myself as stupid because if i was, i wouldnt be talking bout this. But have i just conjured up a fantasy of myself? And now you probably think i want your sympathy, but i dont. But then why post this? Kinda pointless...see, i just proved myself inevitably stupid.

May 12, 2012 4:06 AM"

-_-....aspirin...please don't be a naive. I know your young and naive, but please don't play silly word-games here. All humans are not stupid, the majority of them are because they blindly follow a obsolete system. Zeitgeism for example is an improvement of the system according to basic reasoning, yet humanity is not upgraded by zeitgeism because there are corrupt human elitists who seeks to maintain their tyranny over humanity and will use the police,military,and they will fight to the death defending the corrupt human regimes in control of humanity. So humanity will not evolve, but deteriorate.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Yet you forgot that there is a God and demons. Eternal life was way before our time. I once asked God how he came to be. Then I realized I don't want to know. Why all this pain and suffering in this world. A good apple doesn't taste that great unless you ate the bad apple first. Honestly I would long for a day with out God that is if I was born in heaven. I would want the thrill of driving excessive speeds. I want to taste death. I want real fear. People want war. They want real adventure. A little victory in defeat. To starve and travel a great distance. A premature slightly rotten apple tasted better when I was starving. Manna on my path.

Lukalost said...

I agree. Just a simple kind word has so much power to alter someone's life but we here in Western societies have gotten away from human cohesiveness where everyone seems to have a politically correct sense of entitlement. I'm not saying force religion on people, (definitely not) but virtually each society throughout history has taught that humans are united in a way and that we co exist with the universe and each other and that there is something spiritual that is greater than all of us. The sheer amount of stupidity/selfishness is appalling. I don't know what gives.

Kyle said...

Sometimes I think of the world and feel indescribably depressed. I haven't been able to stop thinking about how incredibly freaking stupid everyone around me is. The entire human race is held back because the majority of us are completely freaking bat shit crazy. We have the potential to unite humanity under a single government of peace, send our species out to the stars to find new life and new worlds, end war, hunger, and disease right here at home, even extend the human lifespan.

But what do we do with it? Divide our planet into over 200 separate governments, ensure the top one percent of our species holds 99% of the wealth, kill each other, rape each other, sue each other, and destroy our planet.

I'm so damn tired of this stupid species and this stupid world. Evolution f'ed up.

I don't feel like I can handle everyone's stupidity any more. I write this at 3am because I lie awake bothered by the state of our world and our future. Sometimes I just cry because I know there are kids out there starving, dying of thirst, and their parents are dying on the inside, frantically trying to feed them. But they can't. Because our world takes care of the few at the expense of the many.

When I talk to my family about how I can't stand this world being so f'ed up they tell me not to worry about things I can't fix. They think there is something wrong with me. I think there is something wrong with everyone else. The fact that I can't fix it only bothers me more.

If everyone just cared about each other the world would be exactly how I described it in the beginning of my comment.

But no one cares. Everyone is f'ing stupid.

Anonymous said...

You can't stop aging you can only slow it down and those advancements to medical science involve merging molecular physics and medical sciences more advanced than we'll see in the next 500 years.

Bad news though, human species will go extinct by 2100.

Anonymous said...

I was kind of agreeing with you until you mentioned god

Anonymous said...

Dear blogger,
good subject, but why the fixation on road traffic? you open and end with it. It's easy to talk, but do you have the tone of someone who would do something? At the end of your list there's "wars, genocide, murder, disease, death." And racism? Have you thought of that? But don't answer me. I know to recognize a phony when I read one. Blang!!

Anonymous said...

As another comment said: I was kind of agreeing with you until you mentioned god!

Beliving in a god is per definition non rational and stupid. Now the case is that the human mind is partitioned this way and you can be smart in one area while being incredibly stupid in other areas.

Anyway, point is to believe stuff based on evidence and don't believe anything where there is lack of evidence. You can't know everything so better admit stuff you don't know rather than making up an answer, answers that most religions offer.

Source of Information said...

Why is believing in god non rational and stupid? The existence of a god or gods can neither be proven or dis-proven, can it? Can you prove the non-existence of god? If not, then you are just expressing your unfounded opinion. But if you bothered to read my short blog pieces, you would see that I am supporting an evidence-based world view. That's the whole point of this blog - that our world view should be based on scientific, observable information. So, apparently you missed the entire point, and confuse support for a theory of a supreme being - which is just a theory - with those who support religion, which I don't.

Anonymous said...

Hi again, as I mentioned before(the post March 9, 2014 at 3:51 PM) the human mind is partitioned this way and you can be very smart in one area while you fundamentally lack to understand and grasp, one or more, other areas.

Also many people tend to come up with thier own pseudo-arguements to justify ones belief. I think this is the case here and I would like to emphasis that you are not stupid but your belief in a "supreme being" is.

First of all the burden of proof is on your side. You make an extraordinary claim which there is no evidence for. None whatsoever. There are many things we can't disprove such as toothfaries, Santa Claus or even other gods like Zeus and Poseidon.

This, of course, doesn't mean it is rational to believe in any of those things. When I make this sort of analogy you might get how ridiculous claims such as your are.

Stating that you believe something without any evidence is per se unscientific and worst than that, it is exactly the opposite of science.

Although I agree the correct position to take is agnosticism, but when the lack of evidence tells us that with a certainty of 99,999999999% we can be sure of the non-existence of god(s) etc. So there is no real reason to act as an agnostic.

Finally I would like to add that the more specific you become in your religious belief the greater chance it is that it's untrue. In other words if you call yourself a Christian, Muslim, Jew or any other religion you automatically make specific claims about biology, physics etc etc. For example a Christian believes in the virgin birth of Jesus. This claim is a biological one. Any serious scientesit would refuse the notion that a virgin birth can occur.

Most religions also contains teachings such as life after death. This is also a scientific claim. We know if you damage your brain in certain areas it affects you. You can turn blind, mute etc etc etc. When you die your brain dies. It literally shuts off. So there is absolutely no reason to believe that when you damage the whole brain(death) you can still live on in paradise or wherever.

So to sum it all up, religious beliefs implicitly make claims about reality which any serious scientist and any rational being can see through and refuse. Or even better - laugh it off :)

(English isn't my first language so please excuse eventual grammar errors.)

Source of Information said...

Well, we seem to have a problem communicating. I didn't state that god exists, I said that this was a hypothesis, from which I created additional hypotheses. And the position that god does not exist is no more rational than saying he/she or it does exist. You have offered no proof, but the existence of the universe and the order and symmetry of the universe certain do not contradict the existence of a creator. It doesn't prove it but you have offered nothing that would disprove a reasonable hypothesis. I can't offer any evidence to support the tooth fairy - other than belief - but I can offer proof of the existence of a universe and the existence of arbitrary rules and constants, such as the speed of light or gravity, which are plausible with the existence of a creator. But my point is that we need to answer the question with science, not with opinion, belief, or weak analogies, and I accept the possibility that there is no god, although I can't see the point of it.

Source of Information said...

Also, lack of evidence is not a proof. It is simply lack of evidence (ignorance).

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is lack of evidence? Come on, you can't be serious. I see no point in keeping this discussion going.

By the way, the fine tuning agruement is debunked and of course therefore is not a valid arguement.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post. Let's focus on the stupidity of human race and why 99.99% people are so stupid. We are all friends here in the sense that we do no subscribe to any religion, so lets not fight/argue on that.
Morons have always existed and they will continue to exist, I dont know what the solution is to that problem.

Anonymous said...

Yes no god or gods only stupid people

Anonymous said...

Everyone is stupid because there is a God. If we were smart enough to know right is good and wrong is stupid. Well, we would never have the luxury of being a jerk. Likewise, Good food would never taste good unless we had bad food. Since we can live forever. Go figure things are this way.

Anonymous said...

Your getting warmer!

Anonymous said...

Humanity Surprised It Still Hasn’t Figured Out Better Alternative To Letting Power-Hungry Assholes Decide Everything


Anonymous said...

simple it not profitable when things are perfect if everyone got along and people aren't necessarily stupid there really just to lazy to think about something for more then a couple seconds they look for the shortest most profitable way

Anonymous said...

In judging everyone else on the planet, one is perpetuating the problem.

Stupidity starts within and spreads from there.

If you're sitting here judging your 'neighbor' (metaphorically-- by which I mean, judging anyone who is not you), you're not contributing to evolution in any positive way.

The person with a different worldview from yours is equally convinced that HIS is the right one. So you are on the other side of HIS judgment, and he is on the other side of yours.

You are simultaneously an 'us' ("We think you should love your neighbor, and anyone who has guns doesn't love their neighbor!") and a 'them' ("Everyone should have guns to protect themselves from the crazies, and all those people who believe in loving your neighbor are NUTS!").

That means there are two sides. How do you join the two sides? Through acknowledgement of our ineffable connection with each other, and subsequent understanding of each other.

As Ghandi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

If you want people to stop hating each other, then start by not hating anyone from where YOU stand.

Hatred is elusive. You can argue, "I'm not hating anyone-- I just want all these idiots to start loving each other!"

But in the act of saying that the world is full of idiots, you are hating the 'idiots'.

Think about it, deeply. Don't argue with it before thinking about it. Just ask yourself, "If I'm hating on other people, am I embodying the love I profess to believe will heal the planet?"

Who better to start with than yourself? Whom do you have control over but yourself? Change always begins within, and no farther.

If every human being on the planet began to live each day full of compassion and understanding for each other (the message that Jesus himself preached, as well as so many other spiritual figures), then the world would transform effortlessly.

Spiritual wisdom has been screaming this message at us (gently) for centuries and we have yet to wake up to it. Maybe today can be the day YOU wake up to it.

Anonymous said...

As long as you are pissing on everyone, you must be correct. Not. It's assholes like you that are ruining humanity. Having no consideration for others.

Anonymous said...

Its called old age you narcissistic dumb ass...all species have to deal with it. It's people who think like you that have us in this mess. Humans need to pull their heads out of their assets and get their priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

I didnt see anywhere in your article about the meaning of life though? Not a bad article though

Richard said...

Saying that "you" don't know who God is - male or female or they or whatever, is stupid. That is saying that I am as ignorant as you are. How do you know what I know? How do you know it is not possible to know? It is offensive to judge from a standpoint of not knowing yourself, because you have no knowledge with which to judge. Judge from what you know. For you have to know in order to judge correctly.

I do know who God is. He who seeks finds. The problem is people do not seek God, and therefore the world is stupid. There is only knowledge in God, and to neglect seeking God, is the foolishness of the world. That is your foolishness also if you do not seek God.

Even those who think they seek God don't do so, and what they say they believe is really in man and not in God. Evil abounds today because more and more people do not seek God.

It takes time to overcome lies, the lies that are the cause of all stupidity and evil. But as lies abound through the lack of the knowledge of God, so also is it difficult for truth to be known.

The only answer is to seek God until he comes to judge the world. He will judge the world justly, with eternal judgement, and reward the good and the evil accordingly, after that all have made their choice.

Source of Information said...

No, you don't know who God is. You have no proof other than subjective experience, which history teaches us is 100% wrong. You have no proof, in a meaningful sense of the word, only superstition. Saying something is true is not the same as proving it. Saying something is true is not a compelling argument - it is dogma - and the world is full of sadness because of people fighting for their unproven and imaginary dogma.

Source of Information said...

I respect your right to believe in whatever fairy tale gives you meaning, but that is not proof. Someday, human beings will have enough knowledge to establish what our universe really means. We get no closer to this time when we believe stories that show God or Gods as irrational beings who follow irrational stories. We get closer to the time when we can rationally explain reality when we discard the irrational and compile increasing numbers of facts - through science, an objective tool that measures, checks, and verifies facts.

Source of Information said...

I disagree completely. Much evil exists and has always existed because of people like you - people who claim they know what God believe. All prophets are false and they spread lies, the first being that they know what God wants. The first truth is saying that you don't know why we are here. You can't seek truth by believing liars, only by excepting the painful truth that we must find our own way. My view is based on reality, reason, truth, and facts. Your view is - and always has been and always will be - based on lies, fantasies, and delusions. You offer no facts, no information, no evidence, nothing a rational person can use to construct an intelligent view of reality. Your kind holds back mankind and always has. You are an anchor around the neck of humanity, stopping us from progressing to a glorious future of growth, intelligence, and fulfillment. You and your kind are the enemies of God's plan, which is clearly to evolve, progress, learn, and grow. You offer only stagnation, a sterile, pointless, and backwards existence. You insult God with your dogma, which portrays him as a petty, irrational imbecile. You are the problem, not the solution, and it is you who needs to get out of the way.

Source of Information said...

Old age - like dental decay, painful childbirth, cancer, etc - are just signs of our backwardness. They will someday be fixed, resolved, removed. You can choose to grow old and die, if you want - but I don't want to, just as I don't want to have tooth decay, or bad eyesight, etc. But this is to radical a thought for you, so let it go.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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LostHope said...

It's really stupid, i agree. Another thing is that authorities have the 'right' to treat citzens like dogs! seriously! what the hell!?

Daid Dieni said...

I am bewildered by the level of stupidity in this world. People are controlled by fictitious, illusions....the law, the nation state, religion...not one of these things exists outside of our belief and acceptance of their validity. In Australia there are 226 politicians dictating to 23 million drop kicks that are too scared to remove them????

Something so rational, practical, axiomatic, and a of question of science is buried under forty thousand tonnes of shit. I am starting a facebook/youtube video channel....called why is the world so stupid.

i write songs and post them or i would go nuts

here you are, have a laugh, instead of another cry. Banging your head on the wall works by the way....until you regain consciousness...