Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our "Leaders" Are Idiots

I read what our "greatest minds" constantly debate, but find none that grasp the obvious truth - all the nonsense they discuss endlessly has nothing to do with why we are here and what we need to do - human evolution. They are wasting their time and our resources on pointless efforts.

In the United States, very bright people spend their lives amassing power and fortunes, but, like Steve Jobs, never perceive the wasted opportunities to save their own lives.

I read that, soon before he died from cancer, Steve Jobs spent $197 million building a fancy, high-tech ship. Cool. But WHAT IF Jobs - the big GENIUS - had used the $197 million he spent on his yacht to fund cancer research? Maybe he would be alive now, instead of being a dead man with a big ship. Some genius.

Our "leaders" fight endlessly and vigorously for this and that cause, while the sands continue to fall through the hour glass, and they are that much closer to death - a death they could postpone - or avoid - if they put their considerable energies into medical and technological research.

What is needed is a new system - one based on human progress. Sadly, no such system exists, and the interests of the rich and powerful work against such a system. But with time, they will be dead and human progress will continue, with or without them.

I just don't understand why they pick aging and death over long-term survival. Who cares about the fancy house and fancy car, when you could put your energy into not dying? I mean, how many fancy steaks can you eat?

So, while most people are just stupid monkeys, the rich and powerful are just stupid monkeys with money and power, which they flush down the toilet of their lives. Thanks a lot, morons.


Mike Hunt said...

How about accepting the thesis that everything born must eventually die in this world. Therein lies the beauty of all life. Each life is a collection of tiny moments of "the present" and the life experience is finite for each creature.

So why not focus more on creating enrichment on each of the present moments? We spend so much of our time whiling these moments away.

Instead you propose to extend the lifetime, to live forever. I would argue that such a fate would be purgatory...

Anonymous said...