Monday, February 6, 2012

10,000 Page Views

Today, the statistics show 10,000 page views. It's probably more than that, but that is an interesting statistic.

I am trying to contribute, in a small way, to speeding up human evolution. Of course, too much evolution without related social evolution (increased morals, etc) can lead to insanity - power lust, greed etc.

Just look at Nazi Germany. German developed very fast in the early nineteenth century, but then used its genius in chemistry and other sciences for evil purposes - the enslavement of others. A hideous period followed in which 50 million people were killed, and many great minds were snuffed out. Some argue that wars speed progress, but they also destroy so much (energy, places, human beings) that I can't believe they aren't a net loss (except for the victors and the war profiteers).

Anyway, thanks to all 10,000 pager viewers for looking over this blog. Hopefully, it changes at least one mind and contributed a crumb or two to speeding the progress of human evolution. If that is true, all I ask is that someone from the future show their gratitude to me by sending me an email with clear instructions for not aging, so I don't age and don't die. This assumes that this little blog will survive the great war of 2205 and be retrieved in the far future...

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