Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Does God Want?

There are billions of people on Earth who want to follow God's will...Many would gladly give up their lives for their God. But do even a handful of them ask how we can logically and rationally determine what God wants? No. 99.999% of these people - presumably with the best intentions - will commit themselves to following a second-hand God, a Supreme Being that someone else told them about.

This leads down the wrong path, and is responsible for much of the unnecessary suffering in this world.

The more rational approach - and more respectful to God - is to assume that God is a rational being, and to use our limited reason to try to understand His/Her/Its/Their plan. To do otherwise is to insult the intelligence of God. Yet, that is what most people do, by believing in illogical religious dogmas that lack any proof.

It seems to me - and it is the thesis of this blog - that the job of humankind is to find out what God wants, but through the exercise of logic and the pursuit of science and knowledge. I can't conceive of (and refuse to accept) a God that would want human beings to continue to follow an irrational set of beliefs. Yet, billions of people do this every day.

If we could speak to God - and I believe there are good reasons why we can't - then I'm sure He would tell us that most religions today are often misused to merely keep people in power, people who do not deserve to be in power. Power is to be used for human progress and evolution, which I believe are the tasks that God has put before us. It seems incredibly obvious to me but then I could be wrong, and believing something is not the same thing as proving something.

In any case, all I would ask of my readers is that they consider this thesis and do what they can to contribute to human evolution. Even little steps can help.


Anonymous said...

I sympathize with your frustration about the lack of progress in medicine and wasted potential in the advancement of science. Did you notice how many of your articles are rants against how stupid people are? I agree, except I use a different word, a synonym of sorts: evil.
Stupidity is in fact a form of evil and a consequence of Mans depravity.
Why is your fellow man so suicidal? Because he hates God and wants to die as an act of rebellion, because life is good.

Space Junky said...

You are one ambiguous dude, I admire that. When I go to university next year, I am definitely going to acquaint myself with ambiguous people like you.

Anyway, God (if he exists) is so confusing; he’s never forthright with his goals and exception.This is one of the many reasons I don’t believe in a religious God. Note one needs to distinguish between a religious God and possible deity that could have started the process of the universe, but has no characteristics described by religious dogma etc. Jesus is our savior and so forth. One could make a good case that the universe is some type of computer, thus one could introduce a deity - not a religious God. However, I do believe religion does more good than bad in this world.

Us thinker, we are a rare breed. There are so few who actively think about the wonders of existence, these few should come together and strive for change. This is one of my major goals in life: get smart people together to advance and change in this world.

Your blog is great...


Anonymous said...

The only purpose of our individual existence is to improve the quality of our lives and those we "touch".

The 2% said...

Why are you obsessed with trying to change the course of nature. I don't understand why people with the same views as yourself are so scared of death.
Death is meant to happen and the sooner you understand and come to terms with death the better your life will be.

Here's a starting point...

Accept that there is no god.

The 1/infinite chance that we even came into existence is more than enough reason to live your life.

Why do you need a god to rationalise living??

I truely believe that you are living in denial.

Anonymous said...

The only reason we exist is for the lords amusement ha but really i belive that earth is a testing ground to see if we are worthy to be in "the land of milk and honey"as some people call it

Anonymous said...

I agree with "the 2%" why be scared of death because its going to happen why not embrace it???

Anonymous said...

Smart people??? Look what happened when einstein split tha atom he made chuck norris and that was a shit storm for everyone and i mean EVERYONE