Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Meaning of Life?

While this blog offers a very simple explanation for the meaning of life - based on current science - there are many who experience states of consciousness in which they feel that they have contacted other beings. While it goes against my Western, scientific, evidenced-based view of reality to suggest that such subjective experiences may be valid, I can't help thinking it is at least worth exploring.

Do these non-ordinary states of mind mean anything, or are they just the result of errors of the brain? Is it lack of oxygen or something else that enables people to experience a sense that they are contacting higher beings - angels, demons, gods, whatever? It is impossible to tell, but it seems worth finding out, especially in view of the lack of any answers to our existence.

My feeling is that it is certainly possible that there are other beings - in other dimensions and such - that exist, and that the human brain may be capable to contacting them. Or maybe not. But if 1) such beings exist, and 2) the brain, under special circumstances (meditation, drugs, illness, etc) can somehow tune into these other beings, then they could be a source of some data to answer the question that has brought nearly 100,000 people to this site - Why Do I exist?

The only problem with this visions, visitations, hallucinations, etc - is that so many of them don't agree. Christians see visions of Jesus or Mary; Buddhists see Buddha; tribes in the Amazon jungle see leopard and snake gods; etc. So - who knows what they are seeing, if anything? It could be a projection of their own unconscious (like dreams, as Freud would say); a collective unconscious (as Jung would say), or all gods could exist, or maybe people create their own gods...

I don't know. It's possible if such other beings (from parallel universes, the future, all possible futures, other dimensions, or an infinite number of possibilities) exist, and we can somehow tune into them and communicate with them - perhaps we can't understand them. Or they could lie to us. Or they don't know any more than we do.

Clearly, the universe, reality, and existence are very complicated, and perhaps a lot more vague, undefined, random, holographic, and insane than we know or can even comprehend with our small brains. Is there a giant war going on, and we play a part in it? Are we a left over experiment, or a hologram, or a computer simulation? I have no idea. Neither do you. It's all theory with a profound lack of data. Even the data we have is suspect.

Can we have a time out? All I can suggest is that we stop all the stupid wars, power grabs, pleasure and money obsessions, etc and just spend the next 100 years studying this question and finding out what is going on and why we exist.

But of course, we won't.

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