Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What Is the Meaning of Life? Maybe That's the Wrong Question

Maybe we are asking the wrong question. We look at the world through our primitive brains, and say, Life either has a meaning, or it doesn't. This or that. If it has a meaning, then we think it has something to do with some Creator or God or this or that, which has created a specific place - as if the complex forces that control our universe (and beyond) are no more complex than a child building a sand castle.
But what if there is no real answer - because the question is flawed? Maybe the God or Gods that created the universe no longer exist - or they never existed - or they don't exist yet, but they will exist tomorrow. What if our petty laws of cause and effect, purpose and design, are absurdly and infinitely short-sighted compared to the incredible, absurd, constantly shifting, and virtually nonsensical nature of existence? Maybe only the insane can see the world for what it is, a turbulent, ever-changing miasma of forces, beings, and, today it has meaning, tomorrow - or seeing reality drives you insane. Who knows? We are bound by the rules of our little reality, but the rest of....everything? Not necessarily.

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